How many bedrooms do you REALLY need?

  • For couples:

Most couples opt for a one-bedroom. Although studios can offer savings, our guests tend to prefer having a separate living room and bedroom – something that hotels cannot economically offer. Some couples also like to book a 2-bedroom apartment to have more space to spread out with a slightly larger living room, perhaps using the 2nd bedroom as a dressing room. In Paris, space is the ultimate luxury.

  • For a small family or a group of 3 or 4 friends:

A 2-bedroom is the natural choice. In many of the apartments, you can specify the arrangement for the 2nd bedroom: either 2 singles or 1 double. Finally, big savings can be made by booking a 1-bedroom equipped with a sleeper sofa – almost all our apartments are.

  • For larger families and groups:

Larger than 2-bedroom apartments are quite rare so a good idea is for our booker to put together a package of 2 or more apartments in the same area. That way you can all unite in one of the living rooms and just split up for the night.

Please share your thoughts and comments

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