Introducing 2 New Apartments

The following 2 new apartments are now open for booking.

Simply click on the apartment names to see more photos.

This extraordinary central Marais property is built on three levels and incorporates either 2 or 3 bedrooms, depending on the desired configuration (clever sliding partitions). Has very high ceilings, many windows, and the fresh modern design adds crispness to the period features that have been retained.


Just a couple of minutes from the fabled rue Montorgueil street market, that the Queen of England quite rightly visited. Modern design and modern convenience, in a historic location.



For more information and to book simply email Katy at:

I’d like to hear your opinions, as this will help me get to know your tastes, in order to seek out the find of apartment you like best. 🙂

So, what do you think of these two apartments?

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  1. Brian Care says:

    Hi Katy:
    Thanks for the updates on the two new apartments. They are indeed worthy of your collection. The Marais apt interests me more because of the location and would be affordable if I were able to share it. As a designer I can appreciate the thought that has gone into creating such an interesting living space from the original structure. The kitchen design is particularly noteworthy. There has been an obvious attention to detail and the use of the space. I would totally consider this as an option if traveling with someone else to Paris. The one-bedroom is also beautifully done, although the location does not interest me at this time. The space is very ample and again, thoughtful details in accessories, furnishings and design. Congratulations. I love the efficiency of your website also with the slideshow and all information close and easily located.

    1. Thanks for your comment Brian. I agree with you about the thoughtful interior design that has clearly gone into Marais Deluxe. And staying there with friends (to spread the cost) would be a GREAT idea, simply because of the 3-level layout, with the entry level being the living room / kitchen level, the upper level being one suite, and the lower level being another suite. So each suite is completely independant : ideal for two couples (or for a couple with kids, for that matter!).

  2. Thanks for the information. I will look forward for some ideas. Keep me updated.

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