Auto Booking = No More Waiting


The A La Carte Paris website has just gained a handy new feature called Auto-Booking.

With Auto-Booking, you can now book your apartment as easily as your plane tickets. Just enter your requirements, select your favorite apartment, and a couple of clicks later it’s yours! 🙂

If you’re in the USA or Australia, this means you no longer have to wait for France to wake up to reserve your apartment…

With apartments that have Auto-Booking, you now get a red “Book Now” button, so you can book there and then, without waiting.

For the moment, we have 16 apartments available for Auto-Booking, and this will rapidly rise to the majority of our rentals.

– Have you ever felt a bit frustrated to have to wait too long for a booking request to be answered, due to time zones?
– Would you have liked to book right away?
– Do you find the function useful?

I’d like to hear your opinions on this. Thanks.

Kind regards,

Please share your thoughts and comments

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