Strong Dollar against Low Euro makes Paris Affordable

The end of the year 2011 brings good news for Paris lovers: the Euro has hit a 16-month low and is staying below $1.30/€. This is much more attractive than the $1.60/€ that was prevalent in 2008.

In practical terms, this means that you’re effectively getting 20% off EVERYTHING: accommodation, transport, restaurants, visits, shopping…

Maybe you have worked hard to earn a good living. Well, now you know that a trip to Paris hasn’t been this affordable for the last 8 years, so maybe the time has come to treat yourself.

Isn’t it great when the nicest treats are also economically reasonable?

So take advantage of the 20% off everything that the low Euro gives you and browse and book an apartment today.

If you read French, then here are some further resources:
La Baisse de l’Euro, une bonne nouvelle
 L’Euro reste sous la barre des $1.30
 Les vraies raisons de la chute de l’Euro

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  1. Sandra Braun says:

    Hi Alex, I look forward to your informative emails about visiting Paris. My husband and I are planning our first trip, maybe late March or early April 2013. I have not received your: “Fifteen page free report.” and I don’t know that my name was entered in a drawing for a free week. I would appreciate receiving both. Again, thank you for your very informative emails! Sandra

    1. Hi Sandra,
      I just sent you the free report via email, and you are automatically enrolled in the free stay prize draw (next one coming up end of october or early november).

  2. Terrye Stanley says:

    Hi Alex,

    This posting that I am reading is dated in 2011. I am wondering is the dollar still strong against the Euro and is Paris still affordable? Do you help with flights as well?



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