A La Carte Paris is 10 Years Old!

Today, I’m sharing and celebrating with you that A La Carte Paris opened for business in October 2002, exactly 10 years ago!

A La Carte Paris is a project I had worked feverishly on during the preceding year (at night and on weekends because I had a full-time job at the time, that I couldn’t afford to leave at first) and the firm was officially registered in October 2002.

Yet is was just 2 weeks ago that I realized just what it meant for a A La Carte Paris to turn 10:

I was attending the 2-day National Achievers Congress in London, amid no less than 10.000 people with the same shared interests. All massed together in a huge space, to listen to the enlightened words of such figures as Tony Robbins and Donald Trump (among others), speaking about both the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment.

At one point in his speech (perhaps “show” is a better word!), Tony Robbins decides to make a point by asking all the company owners to stand up.

I stand, and to my surprise over half of the 10.000-strong audience rises to their feet. (Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so surprised, as entrepreneurs might typically have a healthy interested in achievement!)

Then, Tony asks all those who have owned their company for less than 3 years to be seated.

About 3/4 of the entrepreneurs sit down, leaving a fraction still standing.

Finally, Tony asks those who have owned their company for less than 10 years to be seated.

Of those few who remained standing, the great majority sit down, leaving maybe only a couple of dozen entrepreneurs standing in a aircraft-hangar-sized space filled with 10.000 people (of which 5.000 entrepreneurs).

There and then, as one of the very very few still standing, I felt a wonderful warm glow and a shiver of intense emotion, deeper than I had never felt before about A La Carte Paris.

Almost feeling like a little kid…

So I guess what I’m saying is that A La Carte Paris counts now more than ever for me.

I’m proud that through all these years A La Carte Paris has maintained its unwavering focus on offering ONLY beautiful apartments, in the best prime locations of central Paris.

We only offer apartments I myself would like to live in, and I think this shines through our listings and in our client satisfaction rate of 99%.

And the most important word, in the previous sentence, is that word “we”.

I am so VERY proud to have such a fantastic team on board. And this is something that our clients repeat to us over and over.

I get personal messages every single week from clients telling me how charming Katy (our booker) is, how responsive Jean-Eric, Jacquie and Bruno are, how clean and well kept the apartments are (thank you Danielle and Julio), and just how well-oiled and pleasant the whole experience is (thank you Julie, Suzie, Annabelle and Marc).

So, a big HOORAY for our team and a warm THANK YOU to you, our clients past and future.

I certainly intend to be posting again in another 10 years time! 😉

Kind regards,

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  1. Congratulations and Happy Birthday. I, too, attended a similar Tony Robbins event and was one of the few people standing as our company is entering its 10th year. I’m planning on moving to Paris part -time and am looking for a one year rental — and then possibly a purchase after that. Maybe we should talk?

  2. me53 says:

    A big Congratulations! to Alex Wagner and his company, A La Carte Paris, for his vision, dedication and hard work over the last 10 years! We loved our apartment in Paris and if the chance arises where we are able to travel to Paris again I would not hesitate to book another apartment through A La Carte Paris.
    Marie Cape

  3. jbriancare says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary, Alex. I love the two new apartments and look forward to staying in one of your properties on my next visit. On my very first trip to Paris I stayed at the Hotel de Verneuil so it would be neat to stay again on the same street with its fabulous location.

    All the best for another successful decade…

    from Brian…….sent from my iPad from 23 Don Ridge Drive Toronto

  4. Terence Vayda says:

    All of the staff we encountered this past June were fantastic. Your letter for your 10 years in business is inspirational, especially how well you give credit to your team. We need more business owner’s who truly understand that their success may start with them, and as you said, grows because of those they employ who propel them forward.
    Thank you,
    Terry Vayda

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is great , you obviously had a vision and worked hard to bring it into being, I think it is how goals are achieved in a creative manner, evolving over time without loosing sight of the objective!! Well done to you and the” A la Carte Paris” team ,Congratulations. I am happy to be part of it when I am fortunate enough to stay at A la Carte Paris apartments while in Paris
    Frederika D.

  6. Ros Dale says:

    Good on you Alex! It is a wonderful achievement and I am glad you have such a great product to offer travellers! Keep up the good work and you will have earned yourself the best reputation in the business! Bon chance!!

  7. Robert Forgacs says:

    Thanks for this information, Alex. It it good to learn more about the company and your pride in it is justifiable. We will certainly be staying in one of your apartments again on our next visit to Paris. I think your evaluation of your apartments on the grounds that you would be happy to live in each of them is very important and very telling.

  8. Glenda Mackay says:

    Congratulations on 10 years in business. We’ll stay again next time we are in Paris.

  9. me53 says:

    Congratulations to you and your employees; you have every right to be proud -10 years! We certainly enjoyed our stay in one of your Paris Apartments last March (2012). I hope one day to return to Paris and stay in an A La Carte Paris apartment.
    Well done!

  10. Nick Dixon says:

    Good job Alex! Your team IS exemplary indeed. Shout-outs to all.
    Excellence is hard to find these days, there is so much mediocrity out there.
    Happy birthday to you all.
    Looking forward to our visit next summer.
    Sydney, Oz

  11. Thank you so much for your encouraging feedback on this blog, and also for the many many emails I’ve been receiving since posting this yesterday. I’ve passed on all your encouragement to my team ; it’s really heartwarming and makes our day! 🙂

  12. Jane Stowell says:

    Congratulations on your 10 birthday. Your apts are so beautiful, I hope to stay in one on my next trip to Paris. Jane

  13. Dorroughs says:

    We Loved our stay in Paris. Your St Louis apt was a perfect location for us. The employees were very helpful with any questions we had. Keep doing a great job! Congradulations!

  14. Pamela and Peter Smith says:

    Happy birthday. That’s a great story Alex and we wish you continued success. You have every reason to be proud of your achievement and your very helpful staff. It is great to be able to confidently book an apartment in Paris and know that there will be no nasty surprises. We look forward to staying with you again in December.
    Pamela and Peter Smith, Melbourne.

  15. Rental Match says:

    Wow, that’s really a great story. Your hard work paid off. All the best for future!!

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