A La Carte Opens a New Destination! :-)

I have some VERY exciting news to share with you today!

A La Carte has been offering selected Paris rentals for over 10 years now and our clients have often asked us whether we offer rentals in other destinations.

Now, I’m happy to announce that we will finally get to reply: “Yes, indeed we do!”

When asked what destination they would most like us to open, a survey of over 2000 of our existing clients revealed France’s sunny southern Provence region to be the most popular choice.

The charm of renting in Provence

Given my own love of Provence’s blue-skied lavender fields, olive groves and vineyards, together with my innate predisposition for taking in the warm sun by the freshness of a swimming pool, with a glass of chilled rosé in one hand and a fresh slice with olive tapenade in the other, I really didn’t need any more convincing (and neither did Bill Clinton nor Donald Rumsfeld who both have houses there): Provence it was!

Naturally, our Provence rental project had to appeal to our existing Paris client base, which we have gotten to know very well over the years. Keeping in mind the means and preferences of our clients, the house had to tick all the boxes and bring together all the key ingredients for a perfect week in Provence, yet also remain within affordable reach in that sweet-spot of keen value for money. Just like our Paris apartments.

With that vision clearly in mind, I was a man on a mission. Last year I worked (well, it didn’t really feel like work…) through my summer vacation, evaluating and studying the various regions of Provence (many of which I was already familiar with), pouring over thousands of online and press adverts, touring the villages, speaking with realtors and locals, visiting I-forget-how-many houses for sale.

And you know what?

It paid off.

It all came together when my wife and I visited L’Avinia, a grand hundred-year-old traditional stone bastide in the tranquil and picturesque village of La Bruguière, just 8 minutes from the fairy-tale town of Uzès, one of the focal points of Provence, situated near Avignon (easy TGV access), on the border of the Gard and Vaucluse departments.

You know that exciting tingling sensation you get when you just KNOW that you’ve found the right house? When you discreetly squeeze your partner’s hand, fighting to hide your enthusiasm from the seller for fear of losing all hope of negotiating?

That’s how I knew that L’Avinia was the one.

Here are a few teaser photos of the attractive Provence town of Uzès, the village of La Bruguière (8 mins drive from Uzès) in which the house is located, and of course the house itself: L’Avinia.




In the next post, I will present you the house and location in much greater detail.

Kind regards,

Alex Wagner
Founder & Owner

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  1. JulesMac says:


  2. SASFrank says:

    This is an area I know pretty well and this is a gorgeous house. I would jump on this except that this one might be a bit large for me. i usually travel either with my brother or my best friend–requiring only 2 bedrooms, but a smaller version in this area or somewhere nearer to Nice or any of the small towns along the Med would be awesome. You have a winning idea for sure.

    1. Thanks for your feedback.
      If it’s outside July and August, then we would certainly consider offering you a lower price for just 2 bedrooms. 🙂

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