Two New Paris Apartments for Rent

We’re very proud to bring you two great new central-Paris apartments, available now for short-term rent.

AptEiffelRueClerThis one-bedroom apartment is located on fabled rue Cler market street, in the village-like atmosphere of around rue Saint Dominique shopping street. The Eiffel tower and Champs de Mars are a couple of minutes walk from the apartment.

Despite the lively location, the apartment is peaceful because the bedroom is courtyard-facing and the street-facing living room has double glazing that keeps the noise out very effectively.

Click here for full photos, description, specification and availability of “Eiffel rue Cler”.

This apartment was located, renovated, designed and furnished by the A La Carte team, for a couple who wanted a Paris home that they could enjoy themselves and rent out when not using it. It’s a great formula that allows you to own that dream apartment that you thought you couldn’t afford.

To learn how you too can own a Paris apartment that essentially pays for itself, visit A La Carte Invest.

We have located, renovated, designed and furnished over 20 apartments (a third of the apartments that we offer for rent) for owners or investors, based either in France or abroad. You too can join the club!


This crisply-designed two-bedroom apartment is located on rue Rambuteau, a central Marais location just steps from the Pompidou Center and with many wonderful boutiques and restaurants immediately at hand.

The apartment has been recently renovated to a very high standard, yet also retains all its period charm (high ceilings, mouldings, tall French windows, etc.).

A fine addition to our portfolio, which we are very happy to offer you for weekly rental.

Click here for full photos, description, specification and availability of “Marais Sublime”.

For more information and to book simply email Katy at:

Do let me know what you think of these two apartments by using the “Comment” link below. I would also love to know what you think of the idea of owning a Paris home that you can enjoy when you want and rent out when you’re not using it, hence largely offsetting the costs (like the owner of the “Eiffel rue Cler” apartment above).

Kind regards,

Alex Wagner
Founder and Owner

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Yvonne says:

    For a Francophile who has yearned for a life in Paris, owning a property for holidays would be a dream come true. So much history, and past playground of inspiration for, poets, writers, artists and philosophers over time.

  2. Alida Mangan says:

    Hi Alex, loved seeing your video. Gave me more idea of all the apartments . Contains. I would defiantly stay here on my next trip to Paris.

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