Two New Paris Apartments Now Available for Rental

I am happy to anounce two new central Paris apartments available for rental: a large two-bedroom near the Eiffel Tower and a compact studio in the Marais.

Eiffel Excellence (two-bedroom apartment rental):


This beautifully renovated two-bedroom apartment is located right in the village-like heart of the desirable 7th district, its fine shops and restaurants on rue Saint Dominique, its fine foods displayed on rue Cler’s open market stalls, the area gracefully looked over by the magical Eiffel Tower.


Click here for full photos, description, specification and availability of “Eiffel Excellence”.

I am particularly enthusiastic about this two-bedroom apartment, because it was located, renovated, designed and fully furnished by the A La Carte Invest team, for a Frenchman keen to mix business and pleasure investing in Paris, enjoying his apartment himself several times per year, while covering his mortgage payments with the rental returns.

It’s a great formula, that can give you access to the dream Paris apartment that you thought you couldn’t afford… To learn how you too can own a Paris apartment that can pay for itself, check out A La Carte Invest.

We have located, renovated, designed and furnished over 20 apartments (a third of the apartments that we offer for rent) for owners or investors, based either in France or abroad. You too can join the club!

In the meantime (maybe as an appetizer before buying your own?), you can rent this stylish two-bedroom + two-bathroom 7th-district apartment for 2250€ / week low season and 2500€ / week high season (NB: we are offering a limited-time launch price of 1800€ and 2000€ respectively, valid for all bookings taken until 17th  February 2014).

Marais Collection 2 (studio apartment rental):


Marais Collection 2 is a cozy little studio that enjoys a perfectly central location in the heart of Paris’s historic Marais, in the sought-after 4th district.

You’ll stroll along the narrow Marais side streets, lined with restaurants, cafés and irresistibly appealing boutiques. And within easy walking distance of most of Paris’ sights and monuments, you need never take the metro (which is just 3 minutes on foot).

This studio might be compact (and therefore accessible to all budgets), but you’ll be surprised how inviting it is. Traditional beams combine with a wooden floor to give real warmth and comfort to the room, instantly making you feel at home.

Everything you need is present: a fully equipped kitchen and dining area, a small sofa to relax and a proper double bed (as opposed to the convertible sofas one so often sees in studios).

Price from 1090€ / week, this cozy studio is your affordable ticket to historic central Paris, in a stylish little apartment which offers all the comfort and practical amenities that you have come to expect from A La Carte Paris.

– What do you think of this pair of apartments, at their respective price points?

– What do you think of the idea of owning your own dream Paris apartment, that could pay for itself with rentals when you’re not enjoying it yourself?

Do let me know in the comment box below. Thanks!

14 Comments Add yours

  1. Graham Thomson says:


    I think the 2 apartments offer great opportunities – comfortable, good facilities and great location. Unfortunately, rental-wise they are both beyond my ability to afford. When we visit Paris it is generally never less than 1 month. As a recommendation I should have liked to have had more detail about the apartments in your promo. However, I do appreciate that you would have provided this on request.

    Thank you for including me in your contacts.

    Graham Thomson.

  2. Linda Hollander says:

    Believe me, I have seen some tiny Parisian apartments, and yours is one of the most well designed! Bravo! It really reads larger than 240 sq fet, and looks very comfortable for one person for a couple of weeks or two people (who are in love!) for a week or 10 days. I think the price is very good for both apartments, based on comparables in the area.

    OH, yes, please. Sign me up for an apartment in Paris! I have wanted to do this for several years, but at this point I think I might be priced out of the market (coulda, shoulda woulda, had a chance to buy in 200 and passed, what an idiot!)…but I’d sure be interested in finding out.

    Love your blog, keep up the good work.

  3. Anne Maddock says:

    Hi Alex
    I thought the Eiffel apartment looked fantastic and a reasonable price. Whereas the Marais property looked messy and the bed looked uninviting, while the bathroom looked good. Who wouldn’t love to have a Paris apartment but wouldn’t have a clue as to prices in Paris. Thanks for your updates very useful and they build confidence in your business as the go to Paris Apartment Rental Company, I like your style.
    Cheers, Anne

  4. Stephon says:

    Excellence at it’s best! Se magnifique! I will come to Paris because of your sending these wonderful locations and information. Have not visited Paris in 25 years well over due. This is on my to do list!

    Thank you,

  5. Ellen A. says:

    The two bedroom near the Eiffel Tower is the best buy for a rental, as it is appealing, well-situated, and sleeps four. A much better alternative to two hotel rooms. The Marais apartment is on one of my favorite streets, and is cleverly appointed, but seems too expensive for a small studio at $200 a night. And the couch with that sepulchral cloth over it is a disaster! I just stayed in a 35 sq. meter apartment in the Marais during the holidays that cost only $130 a night and it was very well appointed with beautiful drapes, antiques, a modern corner kitchen and bath. Perhaps you should reconsider the pricing on that one, and get a loveseat with more personality for that room.

  6. Sandra says:

    The apartments look great but out of our price range! But thanks for thie info. I will pass this on to friends who are visiting Paris later this year.

  7. Kristina says:

    Thank you for the update. As always both apartments look wonderful but if we were to rent a two bed / two bathroom apartment (as we have several times in the past) we’d want two toilets too.
    Suits two couples much better.

  8. Tom Scally says:

    The Marais apartment needs to be made more appealing. I think the location may be excellent. Is there a washing machine/dryer or is it a dishwasher in the kitchen? I would need WiFi.The bed looks rather low to the floor and I am curious to know where our luggage will fit. In Australian dollars it seems expensive if it’s a higher daily rate.

  9. Anonymous says:

    interesting apts too small for our needs and too dear for size. I will pass info to others who are looking. thank you for the information

  10. Erin Hallett says:

    I have been renting Paris apartments for the last 5 years and came across A La Carte Paris when my husband and I were looking Christmas accommodation. Our stay in December was perfect and the apartment in the 7th exceeded our expectations. There were so many thoughtful details that made our trip completely stress free. The décor, cleanliness and comfort were all better than any rental we have previously experienced. We will remain loyal customers until we are lucky enough to buy our own place in Paris!

  11. Christina Berger says:

    Hi Alex, will definitely consider next time we are in Paris. Will be in northern italy this summer for a month. Do you have an Italian counterpart?

  12. Marie says:

    Would love to own apartment in Paris! I thought the 2 bedroom apartment looked lovely. The Marais studio did very little for me. Hope to go try one of your apartments in the near future.

  13. Hello,
    We have taken into account your comments about the price of Marais Collection 2, compared to Eiffel Excellence. The prices of Marais Collection 2 have been lowered from 1090€/wk low season and 1190€/wk high season to 950€/wk and 1050€/wk respectively.
    Thank you for your feedback.

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