Top 3 podium of our most popular apartments of 2013

I’m in the middle of analysing our year 2013 results and I thought you would like to know which of our apartments were the 3 most popular of 2013.

Here is the Top 3 podium of 2013:

  1. Left Bank Eiffel: 81% occupancy
  2. Orsay Studio: 79% occupancy
  3. Marais Charm: 78% occupancy

A La Carte Paris is known for offering “only the best”, in terms of a) location, b) interior design and c) comfort and practical amenities. The idea is that we only offer attractive apartments.

So why this particular top 3 podium? What makes those 3 winners the most popular of 2013?

Looking at the photographs, perhaps you can see a common thread… Although each apartment has its own strong character and personality, they are also clearly part of the same happy family.

Among the common themes are a warm welcoming feel, a restrained base palette of colors with an injections of brighter accents, a contemporary classical look that eshews fashion in favor of timeless enduring appeal, quality materials and furnishings, many little details touches that feel like home (but not so much that things feels cluttered or overly personal), fresh modern bathrooms and kitchens.

This family-look is present is because these 3 apartments were located, renovated, designed and furnished by A La Carte Invest. With over 10 years of experience, we have a good feel for what our clients love, so when we source and prepare an apartment for rental, we can be confident that it will hit the spot and rent very well indeed.

We regularly prepare new apartments for rental, and so our challenge for 2014 will be to best the popularity of Left Bank Eiffel, the winner of 2013! 🙂

By the way, if you too would like to own a Paris home that you can use whenever you wish and that will rent strongly as a great investment when you’re not using it, put your name down here to get on our investor newsletter.


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  1. Donna Draughn says:

    I attempted to rent an apartment for two for the beginning of October 2014, but desired properties were already booked.
    I will plan earlier in spring of 2015 when I plan a trip for five to celebrate granddaughters high school graduation. I hope at that time to rent one of your highly praised properties. I welcome your informative emails.

  2. Simone says:

    Are you concerned about handicapped travelers in wheelchairs? Do you recommend some apartments that are definitively accessible in a wheelchair? If not, unfortunately, can you recommend an organization that does?

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