Paris Ranks In Top 3 Most Attractive Cities In The World For Investors

Did you ever wonder what kind of people are lucky enough to own the beautiful central Paris apartments that we take pleasure in offering you for rental?

You might be surprised to learn that they are people like you… i.e. affluent educated professionals from either North America, Australia or France, looking for ways to make their money work for them and who love Paris and harbor a more or less secret dream of getting away and spending more time in Paris.

The fact is, over a third of our apartments belong to owners just like you for whom A La Carte Invest sourced, renovated and furnished an apartment in prime central Paris.
These happy owners used our in-house investment and design team to painlessly achieve and materialize what they initially imagined would forever be a dream.


With our help, these owners turned someday into today and are now proud to have a smart central Paris home that they can enjoy several times and which more than pays for itself over time with rental returns and capital appreciation.

eiffel street_eiffel excellencepictured here, our invest apartment Eiffel Excellence

The reason I mention this is because of an article I came across, which references a recent study conducted by KPMG, which analyzes subjects such as the image and potential development of major cities worldwide within a 3-year period, has shown the city of Paris improved dramatically in comparison to 2013.

Analyzing the response of over 500 international businessmen, the city of Paris jumped six places surpassing major cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Sao Paulo and making it among the top 3 most attractive cities in the world for investors.

Within this study, Paris also ranked second in issues surrounding quality of life (no surprise there…) and infrastructure. With projects that include ‘le projet du Grand Paris’, which is attracting international investors, Paris is bound to accelerate its standing.

IMG_3325If you want to be part of the investors who see the acceleration and investment growth of Paris, contact our A La Carte Invest & Design team, who already have been successful in paving the way for other owners based in either France or abroad who are now relishing in the Parisian quality of life.  Many of these apartments are featured on our website, A La Carte Paris, and have been highly successful among our short term renters as well.

I’d love to hear what you think about this recent study as well as investing in an apartment located in central Paris that pays for itself with rentals and capital appreciation. Simply use the comment section below to share your views.

a little hat tip for the photos above found here and here….

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oui, je suis in Paris mainteneau ? par e’tudie la Francais. Je habite’ en Montreuil avec une famille. Mais je suis interesante a ton appartement in Paris. Pardon moi mais je ne parle la francais pas tres bien. S’l vous plait me mande la informacion via email. Merci beaucoup, Jean

    1. Hi Jean. For questions regarding apartment bookings you can contact Katy at For interest in an investment you can contact Carole at Both will be happy to guide in the direction you would like to take in either English or French.

      Kind Regards,

  2. Yvonne Hudacek says:

    Having a pad in Paris is a delicious thought, and now possible for many world travellers, but not for some right now, no matter the intention. Paris is her own advertisement for culture, food, art and history, and good manners…alas, we wish.

  3. Katia Pierre says:

    oh that is a dream of mine, but I’m also an avid watcher of House Hunters international. The episodes on Paris are mouthwatering, but also shocking as the prices are revealed. I do hope I can make it happen one day.

  4. Marvin says:

    PARIS…City of Lights and Life!

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