Your Opinion – Video or No Video?

Yesterday, I was excited to share with you our new apartment Marais Nest, fully renovated and designed by our in house team.

Unfortunately the owners were unable to be in Paris for the big reveal so we created a video tour which generated a lot of enthusiasm and it got me thinking:

Would a video tour be beneficial for our renters? Would a short 1 minute video, done in a similar fashion, be appreciated asset for each apartment? OR are the photos we provide sufficient?

See the video here:

I’d like to hear your opinion.
Tell me what you think in the ‘comments’ box below.

UPDATE, after having read your comments:
Well… from the DELUGE of your enthusiastic and encouraging comments , I conclude that you guys rather like the video idea! 🙂

We will therefore get to work on having more videos done. Maybe a “stage 2” test of 10 videos to start with.

  • Photos will be kept of course (the way I see it, photos are a way of quickly screening rentals, and then video helps in making your final choice from your shortlist)
  • Final videos will be much shorter than this prototype video (think 1 min instead of 3 mins), which was not aimed at rental clients but was made to reveal the newly decorated apartment to its new owner.
  • Final videos will be professionally filmed and edited (I filmed this prototype video myself ; that’s my arm you see opening the cupboards.)
  • Videos will not slow down the website, as they are externally hosted (YouTube or Vimeo)

I will consider having “neighborhood” videos done too, to help you choose between locations. This is feasible for A La Carte Paris because all our apartments are in the most central locations, which limits the amount of location coverage to shoot.

This is a VERY exciting project and, from reading your many enthusiastic comments, represents a big step forward for short-term rentals. It takes the guessing out of the equation and guarantees that you have no surprises when you open the door.

I look forward to giving you an update on this video project.

539 Comments Add yours

  1. Jane Bernzweig says:

    The video is a nice touch, but honestly, I thing you guys to a really nice job with just the photos.

    1. Alix says:

      I agree. You have more control over photos as you can select the key aspects without having to watch everything else. If there is going to be video, I would like to see up and down the street outside.

    2. Neal H. says:

      I also agree. I prefer a floorplan with dimensions and photos, which should NOT be taken with wide-angle lenses [a failing of most realtors, who seem to think that making a space look larger than it is will carry over to the actual visit].

  2. Jeff Schneider says:

    Videos are definitely more helpful in evaluating size/style/condition of the apartment than photos alone.

  3. Jeanette Juarez says:

    Videos are good but I definitely did not like this one. It was not artistically made for a potential renter. It seems more like for a contractor or painter. I loved the photographs much more. They wanted me to be there in that place right now!

  4. Jim Ervin Columbus, OH USA says:

    I love the video, it is a perfect introduction of what you will be seeing before you see it !!

  5. Pierre Arend says:

    Real nice!!

  6. Jack Avery says:

    For me, Alex, your pictures generally suffice, but for someone unfamiliar with Paris, action from a glamor angle might be more exciting. A little sizzle with the steak, as it were….

    Jack the Barncat

  7. Anonymous says:

    I like it. Much more informative than the slides.

  8. Chantal J. Brown says:

    I ABSOLUTELY think the video is a fantastic idea! I would have loved that for the apartment we rented a few years ago!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    It would be very helpful. Just don’t do it if it adds a lot to you cost. You don’t need it. It would just be helpful.

  10. Donna Sevilla says:

    Yes to video. Would be nice to have a narration with it rather than just music.

  11. Rocky says:

    Sweet apartment.
    Would like a quick view out the windows and a shot of the front.

  12. Russ Sharples says:

    That video would be a huge help to conveying the character of an apartment. I would also appreciate a street view of the outside of the building/entrance. Nicely done and we are looking forward to staying with you on our next trip to Paris.

  13. Karen Alkofer says:

    Gorgeous apartment! I will contact you about renting this home when I make my Spring plans in Paris. Great video – very helpful and showed many details.

  14. Sharon husdell says:

    Lovely apartment, the furnishing are very elegant….I like to see a video of the apartment

  15. The video gives a very nice idea of what the apartment’s layout truly consists of, in a way that pictures cannot convey. I really like the video idea. You might look out the window too, in a vague kind of way.

  16. Trace Jiggins says:

    Great idea. Really gives you a sense of the apartment. I think the video plus the photos and plans would be brilliant. Thank you.

  17. Jane Kershner says:

    I love the idea of a video but I would suggest a few changes….show the outside of the apartment building, show whether there is an elevator or stairs, and show the general neighborhood or environment immediately adjacent to the apartment. This kind of video would make a huge difference to me when renting an apartment in Paris…..

  18. Patricia says:

    A video like this makes it much easier to make a rental decision.

  19. Phil Goldsmith says:

    Personally, I don’t think the video adds much – the professional photos you use paint a much nicer picture, and since I’m an engineer, I can instantly see from the floor plan how the apartment “works.” By the way, nice job on the furniture choice – I like the way the two guest chairs in the Living Room can be used as additional Dining Room seating. That’s my one complaint about a lot of the apartments I see online – not enough comfortable Living Room or Dining Room seating for four – that’s the very reason I choose an apartment over a hotel. Hope to return soon!

  20. beverlyconey says:

    I like the idea of a video to showcase the prospective rental apartments, very helpful to see them in real time. For me personally (a light sleeper), it would be helpful to see what the view is out of the apartment to see how busy the street is or whether it is a quiet courtyard view. Thank you.

  21. Michael Grabowski says:

    very good idea .. video

  22. Fred Raab says:

    I found the video to be very important as a means of SHOWING of a prospective client the “product”. I felt this to be much more beneficial than individual photos.

  23. Kerri Sugden says:

    Very nicely decorated apartment and the video was fabulous, as it gives the lucky renter a very good idea of dimensions. It is located in a lovely convenient part of Paris and I would certainly love to stay there!

  24. Dr Stephen Jiggins says:

    The video of the apartment is a great idea. It gives more of a sense of the space than photos alone. It is the connections between spaces (rooms) that is important.

  25. Allen says:

    Yes, I think the video tour is by far more helpful in getting the “feel” of the apartment. Sometimes it’s hard to picture the layout with only still shots.

  26. Doug Heym says:

    I like the video. It’s a good idea.

  27. Brian Schield says:

    Very nice – made me want to stay in this pied-a-terre.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Your video is excellent. It shows the decor which is lovely and also the facilities.

  29. Dear Alex, I think the video is a wonderful idea! (a little less of the ceiling, which admittedly is beautiful, in this particular instance) No longer than that.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I like the video. It gives a much clearer idea and feel to the apartment. Also, video lenses tend to distort size much less, so a realer feel for the dimensions of the apartment is had.

  31. I think that this video for a renter could be edited just a bit, but I think it is a great sales tool; I will certainly consider this apartment on my next trip to Paris!.

  32. Tom Kilcoyne says:

    Very nice. A bit long.

  33. Pat Outland says:

    Hi Alex — Here in Richmond Pat Daniels and Mike Rohde have rented your apartments, with glowing reviews. We like the immediacy of the video — one can almost “feel the place” as the camera pans. Our next Paris rental will be with you. Your homes appeal in their elegance, yet they are unfussy, neutral but not impersonal. Our next trip is a spring month in Morocco and after that, Paris in the fall. Looking forward –Pat

  34. Marci Hooper says:

    this was very nice – but a bit dark at the beginning for such a well lit apt. I think this would work well for the larger apts. The smaller ones hardly need it. Good luck with this!

  35. Anonymous says:

    I like the video. As long as they don’t slow do your website. thanks for sharing.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Yes. The video is great. Would give perspective client great confidence.

  37. Susan says:

    What a lovely apartment in the Marais and perfectly located as well. I wish this apartment had been available to rent several months ago when were looking for a rental for this November! We are staying in the Marais but in a much smaller space. Either video or photographs work for me.
    Thank you for asking for our input.
    Susan Sternberg

  38. Caryn says:

    Video is nice but not necessary. I personally like the photos with the blueprint of the apartment and the location on the Paris map.

  39. Paula Maloney says:

    Nicely done! Yes to the video.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful apartment! I have always found the pictures to be sufficient, BUT it is really neat to see the video – it gives a better perspective.

  41. fred says:

    NEED photos for screening. videos great for final choice. Great idea !!

  42. Craig says:

    the video shows a truer picture of the place and how fabulous it is… and you get a flow of the actual apartment that never is reflected in the photos – if the cost involved is not prohibitive

    thanks I always enjoy your e mails. they are very interesting

    how much would such an apartment cost (I know that is a huge question, but within a hundred thousand or so…..


  43. Shaina Hamauchi says:

    Video not necessary

  44. Ralph Nelson says:

    The video was helpful and would supplement it with a few stills.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Good idea , That would have helped when we rented our apt last June. Gives a better perspective of the layout.

  46. Anonymous says:

    The video is helpful

  47. Heidi says:

    Love the video and yes I think videos would be great for all the listings!

  48. Rosemary Tiernan says:

    Marvellous! This is very helpful, to see the space and how it is configured. Much better than photos, especially, showing the kitchen with amenities. It answers the questions before they are asked. Loved this!!! Thank you.

  49. Jacqueline Silver says:

    Great a video makes a big difference, one can really get the feel of the apartment

  50. Harley Akers says:

    The video says it all!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Adding video to the photos of each rental is a great idea!!!

  52. Kathy Lovitt says:

    I think the pictures are quite sufficient….plus they leave a little intrigue as to your reaction when you walk into your lovely apartment. But then I’m not a real high tech person who needs all the latest bells and whistles. I would think for the cost savings of just providing pictures, you’ll be getting the same number of interested parties.

  53. Stephanie Lawrence says:

    Video tours are fantastic, and this one is awesome. We like to see the floors, ceilings, furniture, dishes,appliances, light coming through the windows, the views (night views would be nice, too) and more. Videos offer a true view of the actual apartment people will rent (not a model that doesn’t look anything like the apartment). For more comfort, we also like to see the exterior of the building (when we drive up, what can we expect to see) and a little bit of the neighborhood, if possible. Great job!

  54. Great job of utilizing such a small space. I would love to call it Paris home!!
    Some outside shots would be nice just to show the neighborhood and the proximity to restaurants, grocery, etc.

  55. Sue Weber says:

    I think the video would be very beneficial. It gives a sense of how the apartment flows and the details of what is in the kitchen is good. As a side, a Nespresso machine would be a positive addition!

  56. Anonymous says:

    Lovely, kitchen unusually well appointed. Everything needed for the ultimate stay!

  57. Moshe Harell, M.D. says:

    A video is a better representative of the chatm of this flat. Just try to make it less repetitive.

  58. Cinda Swan says:

    The apartment is lovely. Videos are a helpful way, I think, to give scope and size of apartments.

  59. Anonymous says:

    The video portrays all the elements of the apartment very nicely. As a consumer, I would appreciate the short video before renting the apartment. The pictures are also nice, but the video puts it into perspective unlike individual pictures.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Well done… Video is much more revealing than the pictures. I would not hesitate renting this

  61. Bonnie says:

    I think the Video tour is a great idea. Gives the viewer a better perspective of the apartment.

  62. Daniel says:

    I’ve rented apartments in Paris 5 different times, though not through your firm yet. I would definitely watch videos like this (or a little shorter) to help me decide, although at least for us, price and location are still the two top factors.

  63. Marie Terova says:

    I have rented two flats in Paris and did not have a video for either one. I like LOTS of pictures and of every room. I also must have a full description of the apartment, especially re kitchen, baths, bedding, size of TV, amenities, floor of apartment, if there is a reliable lift, etc. Also, a full description of the neighborhood is a must. I read all the comments from previous tenants.

  64. Anonymous says:

    Great Apartment! I will be in Paris the Fall of 2015 and I will need a apartment with a terrace and a Tub

  65. Bonjour, Alex,
    This video clearly shows that the apartment is clean as a whistle and very nicely appointed, although the television is on the small side, and there is no clothing dryer or outdoor terrace visible for enjoying our daily morning coffee and croissants.
    For longer stays, it is essential to have those amenities for a truly comfortable and first-class stay in Paris. If available in this unit, please show them as well. Also, is the apartment equipped with WIFI?
    Overall, very well done!

  66. Erwin Petri says:

    Appartment looks lovely. Too bad you painted the beams white instead of restoring them. Third Floor no elevator would kill deal for us.

  67. Colin Pinkerton says:

    I very much like a video presentation. It helps you get a real feel for the size of the unit and it helps to link the spaces together.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Video tour gives one a good sense of the place. Perhaps not necessary to open all the kitchen cabinets?

  69. Cristina Ross says:

    Your photographs and descriptions are excellent and detailed . Having booked several times with you, see no need for videos as well. Indeed absolutely do not need to see inside washing machines, dishwashers and fridges .
    Cristina Ross

  70. Anonymous says:

    1 minute yes, 3 minutes no.
    Opening cupboards is not really necessary.

  71. BJ says:

    I think the video is a great addition. Video will be very helpful in making a selection for next visit to Paris
    Thanks, Alex

  72. Jerry Nicks says:

    Great Idea, Nice to see the whole apt.

  73. Rob Caire says:

    Beautifully done apartment. As a potential renter I like the video in addition to just pictures.



  74. sfdandies says:

    Video is a definite plus.

  75. sfdandies says:

    Videos are a definite plus.

  76. andrea longpre says:

    It’s very nice…gives a sense of what the place is like and how the rooms flow together. It’s helpful for Americans to learn that the appliances:washer,dishwasher,refrigerator are smaller than what they are used to.

  77. Anonymous says:

    video tour is a great innovation but I felt it went on too long if one is searching through multiple properties for the right one
    Perhaps a truncated version for quick search and the full version for a closer look

  78. cp says:

    nice apartment, music was a bit much and I did not see a clothes dryer shown.

  79. Anonymous says:

    I think it would be a plus! Add a street front shot too.

  80. Lillian says:

    The video of Marais apartment conveys a better idea of the space than text. It instantly connects the viewer. , possibly future renter, to the place. Perhaps, some scenes from the immediate area may also be helpful.

  81. Nigel says:

    Alex the apartment looks amazing, We would love to stay there next time we visit Paris.
    The video is a terrific way of communicating to us on the other side of the world exactly what we are booking. Totally support the video initiative.

  82. David Henderson says:

    Yes! The realtors in San Francisco where I live do this regularly for both sales and rentals, and it really helps to sell the units. I have used them many times and it has helped me to decide what to look at and/or what to rent or buy. Really gives you a feel for what it’s like to be in the unit.

  83. CaroleLee Wirshborn says:

    Prefer the video-gives a better overview of layout & actual size

  84. Pierre Boeswillwald says:

    Yes but of course it is a far better viewing

  85. kathy rowe says:

    Hi Alex,

    This apartment in the Marais is just gorgeous. Your design team (most likely you?) did a great job. I would stay there in a heartbeat!

    I love the neighborhood. I rented very near there this year and am doing the same thing next year when I go back in the Spring. I re-rented my apartment while I was there in May because I was so enthusiastic about returning to Paris and had such a good experience. I know that this place of yours is similar to the blueprint that Adrian Leeds follows, the own to lease, because my contract is signed by someone in the states. I would definitely think about something like this if I find I want to own a property.

    I would love to stay here in the future and at the same time suggest this apartment to friends that might do what I did, which is a 6 week stay. Can you tell me how much this place is for the month during the Spring season? and how much for 2 weeks.

    I see you have it rented for all of the next few months. I think it’s a great business model, benefiting both you as a manager and the owner.

    I live in Beverly Hills in the most adorable quiet pretty neighborhood near absolutely everything this city has to offer. At the same time, after visiting Paris this past Spring, I can’t wait to get back. I think about it every day. I think I’m supposed to be there, just wandering and getting lost. I don’t plan to come back until April but I might have to adjust my plans and return sooner. I just can’t get Paris out of my head..

    I hope we get to meet at some point.


    Kathy Rowe

    P.S. The video is very effective. I don’t think it’s necessary but I do think it’s a lovely tool to use to show the details of the apartment. I love everything about the apartment.

  86. Rob Plancich says:

    Alex, while the video does a fine job of showing the appointments of the flat, it fails to show anything of the neighborhood. Selling a rental unit to me would be contingent on seeing it’s surroundings.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Hi Alex. I quite enjoyed your video but find your photos sufficient to get an idea of an apartment.
    I realise this was for the owners so I guess normally you wouldn’t need to linger so long on some features.

  88. Fabulous choice as it is real.

  89. Anonymous says:

    The video was great. It gives a much better perspective than still photos. I for one, would like to see more rental videos.

  90. Marlene Jasper says:

    I think the video is great, nicely done.

  91. Jeanie Swank says:

    This is an absolutely lovely apartment, very nicely designed and decorated. Great for visitors from the U.S. who rely on Wi-Fi and other amenities. Video nice but photos generally suffice; a little mystery is part of the adventure – like, ‘oh, what pretty dishes!’ or ‘how thoughtful of the owners to have the closet organized and ready for us!’ Really like all the natural light from the tall windows. One thing I’d like to see is the exterior of the building itself and courtyard, stairs, etc. Thank you for taking comments.

  92. I really liked the video, especially opening the cabinets. It gives a much better sense of the space and amenities than photos alone.

  93. Ellen BERRON says:

    Must say , I do like your video very much . You can picture yourself much better at the place .

  94. Susie Mosman says:

    Providing a similar short video for renters of your apartments would, I think, be very valuable as it enables the viewer to gain more of an appreciation of the layout of the apartment than a series of still photos provides.

  95. Tina Deters says:

    Video is nice as it presents a different perspective from still photos. That said, we have always found the properties to be exactly as pictured in the still photos and have never been disappointed. I would remain happy with just the stills.

  96. Anonymous says:

    I like the video but not the music, too generic. the video could be shorter also. I dont think you need a person in the video showing everything-just a walk thru to get an idea, and maybe some french music?

  97. Carol Parden says:

    Wow, you really get the feel of the apartment with video. Since there have been only photos on your and other sites, they have served their purpose very well. I think video just might be the way to offer apartments now. Best,

  98. Linden says:

    I think the virtual tour would be a great addition. It gives more of a three dimensional quality to the space, with a human moving through. It is an excellent sales tool. Loved what you did with the apartment – it looks beautiful. I’ll bet it is very close to one of our favorite Paris hangouts, Mariage Freres!

  99. Burton Ozment says:

    I like the video very much. This provides a better prospective on room location and accessories. I would like to rent the new apartment when schedule permits. Followup soon.

  100. Jean says:

    Hi, Alex –

    I think the photos are sufficient for short term rentals, and the interior videos necessary for prospective buyers. I think both would benefit from a video tour of the immediate neighborhood(s).



  101. John and Ann Aldridge, North Carolina says:

    Hi Alex,
    Enjoyed the video tour, believe the more information you give potential renter the more comfortable they will feel.
    Yet both my wife Ann and myself found your photographs sufficient to make our decision to rent, we found our apartment exactly as you portrayed it and perfect for us, being collected at the airport was a wonderful choice we made.
    Our stay was perfect in every way.
    We found the reviews from others gave us great confiidence in our choice, a video would have added a little more confidence but was not necessary for us

  102. Sheree says:

    I think the video is a nice touch, especially in the kitchen area to see what is provided and space relations. Although the beginning of the video was fairly dark.

  103. Anonymous says:

    The video tour is a wonderful idea! It gives one a better sense of space and layout, as well as the various amenities that are offered. This is something I believe would be welcomed on all of your properties. Well done!

  104. Anonymous says:

    I like the video and feel it takes the guessing out of the equation. I also feel a very specific list of the apartment offerings will help. Even the high end hotel fact sheets list every little thing offered which assures there are no misrepresentations which will help assure your clients are happy and will make your job easier.

  105. Anonymous says:

    Looks fabulous!

  106. Brian Care says:

    Definitely a video is an advantage over still photos.
    Whoever does the videos needs to have additional lighting so there are no dark shots (often caused when shooting against incoming light from windows). Music is important to create a mood. This one was particularly annoying…..something softer and quieter. Slow pans are importsnt to avoid causing the viewer to experience motion sickness. Showing amenities in the kitchen is important. I would like to see the neighbourhood, the approach from the street, the entrance door and the stairway. I know this may not be the most attractive feature of the property in some cases.
    You should include some glamour shots in the video as well…the kind that you have in most of your still photos of your properties.
    Hope this helps and thanks for asking…….

  107. waynetutz says:


    The video is definitely better than surprises when we open the door!
    Wayne tutzauer

  108. Anonymous says:

    I think it really adds a dimension that photo’s can’t.Really enjoyed it!If the cost of production is equal to that of photos,I would start using it.Richard

  109. I think the video is a good idea. However, it is also really useful to have a layout plan which includes dimensions so that you can see how the rooms connect . How about showing whether the windows/doors to the outside open and include the view?

  110. Suzie Donaldson says:

    Oh, I think the video is wonderful! It gives a real sense of size and space that you don’t get in photos. And the apartment is charming in every way… My only suggestion would be to add the entrance and a little bit of the street it’s on. A feel for the neighborhood would be great.

  111. Anonymous says:

    Video gives you a sense of flow from room to room and you can then estimate/visualize the approximate space available. For instance, in bedroom the amount of space between bed and wall, distance between kitchen and living area, how tight is dining area, is it part of living or separate and so on…

  112. Anonymous says:

    Excellent – I think it would be really worthwhile – gives you a better sense of the size and of the finish

  113. Carole Meyer says:

    Great video….very helpful! The apartment is darling and is such a nice central area. We have rented in Paris as well as traded our second home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico on a swap website called http://www.lovehomeswap. San Miguel is a beautiful colornial town in central Mexico. It is a World Heritage site. We will be back to Paris soon on either a swap or renting. Your apartments are all wonderful. Thanks, Carole

  114. Sheila says:

    Looks comfy and classy. I probably wouldn’t use kitchen as would want to eat out more often.

  115. Anonymous says:

    Loved the video tour. Gives us a very good idea of the apartment size & style.

  116. Rosemary G says:

    Great video. If I were looking for some place to stay, it would a great help in making that decision.

  117. Alice Lahnstein says:

    I like the video

  118. Anonymous says:

    The 1-minute video is great and well done. I think it will be quite useful as it is always helpful to see what is ‘really’ there. From someone on the other side of the ocean who is not familiar with housing in the European counties it would also be wonderful to see the view from the windows. Great idea, Alex.

    Jan Moore

  119. Allison White says:

    I appreciate seeing the spatial relationships in the video.

  120. Anonymous says:

    Video was good, showing condition of apartment and furnishing. Wish they would have looked out the windows for view. Maybe it has no view. Brings to the point that what the video shows is great, what it doesn’t show can be assumed to be negatives.

  121. Anonymous says:

    The video is effective, moreso than still shots, and the disembodied hands – the human touch – help show off the features. The apartment is attractive (without the cracked ceiling beams) and seems to be a reasonable deal for a week’s stay in a nice section of Paris. However we are not in the market to purchase and maintain such a property. Thanks for the information.

  122. Anonymous says:

    Love the video. Would love a trip to Paris and staying here would be wonderful

  123. Anonymous says:

    Great video. Would definitely be good idea to do a shorter version as advertising for properties. Cheers

  124. Gianna Donnini says:

    For most apartments photos are sufficient as they capture what the apartment offers and if it suitable for you, others may benefit from video showing the hidden features as displayed in the fully renovated Marais Nest, I was fortunate to stay in one of your apartments and it is one life experience I will always remember.

  125. Mr. Shagensky Charles says:

    Video is too long and the cracks in the ceiling are a bit scary.Pretty apt though but at that price it’s way over the top for that area.
    FYI this past May I stayed in Fontenay-aux-roses for $45/day and loved it.

  126. Warren Elms-Lester says:

    Hi Alex, I personally found the video to be a real enhancement. While the range of photographs is generally really good the video brings the apartment to life.


  127. Cheryl Paquet says:

    The video is a definite help, although things like air conditioning in summer and ease of transportation are important information as well. Nice job!

  128. Hi….Love the video. Much better than pictures. Your team did a great job on the apartment.

  129. Mary Porfido says:

    The apartment looks lovely and the area is superb. The video shows all the important information. My only constructive comment is that the video veers up to the ceiling in the living room often and that ceiling appears to have some damage. I don’t feel there is any real need to show the ceiling.

  130. Michael says:

    Nice style but Claustrophobic …..

  131. Anonymous says:

    The video would likely be welcomed by many, but I would not want rental prices increased. This video might not show the apartment to its best advantage as it was quite dark in parts. You will certainly want to make any rental look bright and sunny, which might be easier to do with still photos.

  132. michelle says:

    yes! love to see the video, it adds an extra bit of info when making a decision.

  133. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely an excellent idea! Great addition to the website. Showing ALL the rooms such as you did is important, so don’t limit yourself to one minute — if one is interested in renting one of your properties, seeing every room is important. I would recommend you also take some pictures from the windows out so that one can see what the neighborhood and view is like from the apartment.

  134. Kent Spoerlein says:

    The video gives a better sense of overall space than the photos do. Also, opening the cabinets and closets and such gives info. about what sort of dinnerware and household appliances are included. All in all, I’d say the video is a substantive improvement over a grouping of still photographs. If you provided BOTH the video as well as a grouping of photos, that would be the best of both.

  135. Fred F friedman says:

    Yes, a video clip is always desirable. And, having rented in Paris and Nice for many years, mostly from 1 month to 3 months at a time, I have to say that this place in the Marais is too highly priced. When I becomes far less costly to be in a hotel on the Rue Moufftard, on a high floor and with a view, there is a much more realistic alternative.

  136. David Peel says:

    Dear Alex, a wonderful idea .A one minute video would be great especially for first time A La Cate clients.
    Cheers, David Peel

  137. Anonymous says:

    Like it better than pictures.

  138. Fay Hinze says:

    Video very benifical, much better than photos in my opinion but would like to know more about the location and proximity to visitor icons such as Gardens and Louvre.
    Looking for a central location for July 15.

  139. Michael Job says:

    We like it so much we have booked it for may 2015. Great location

  140. Barbara Hornum says:

    I personally prefer lots of still photos and detailed descriptions. So the video should not replace these.

  141. Anonymous says:

    Great idea, using video. Would like an exterior shot too, to give some idea of the location

  142. David Ashelford says:

    Great idea for a an apartment preview – could you also add a quick look at the view from the window or the street as this gives a little more atmosphere to the area.

  143. Jim Geary says:

    I really appreciate the videos.

  144. Anonymous says:

    Very useful. I think it would be a good idea to offer a video for other properties

  145. Robert Engler says:

    The video is a nice touch. It shows the design and decor of the apartment and how updated and clean it is.

  146. Anonymous says:

    Definitely gives you a better sense of the space than the photos do.

  147. Sherri Janssen says:

    As an investor the video is all I need to purchase properties and for the person without the ability to visualize it gives them assurances as to what to expect. This is of course the most effective tool there is. Thank you for the video and we hope to someday add our property to your rentals

    Sherri Janssen
    Dream Builders LLC

  148. William Bondfield says:

    Video showed features and details not available in the still photography. Also gave a better idea of the size of the apartment. An excellent refurb.

  149. John Vetter says:

    Having rented several of your apartments, and having looked at this one online, the video shows it to look exactly what I would have expected. The sole exception is opening the drawers, cabinets, and closets. In my opinion, it would be a nice, but not necessary, supplement to the usual website materials.

  150. Anonymous says:

    I thought that the video enhanced the viewing of the layout flow of the space. A plus was seeing what is behind all those cupboard doors! You already have excellent photos on your site, but a video would be a worthwhile addition.

  151. Sue Shull says:

    This is a beautiful video of a spectacular apartment. Gorgeous color. Only wish I
    could be there! I think the video is a perfect idea.

  152. Chris Dobbs says:

    Love the apartment seven though it is missing a freezer for my gelato:):)

  153. Marguerite (Peggy) Baldwin says:

    I love the apartment! You did a great job, it looks as if you have thought of everything to enjoy a stay in Paris. The location is near the apartment we rented, and was so convenient and an easy walk to most of the great sites. I love Paris and hope to come back soon, I was in the South of France last spring, so maybe Paris next year! I recommend A La Carte to all my friends thinking of visiting Paris.

    Marguerite (Peggy) Baldwin
    North Carolina

  154. Anonymous says:

    Good video—helpful…..Keep them straight-forward and show everything………

  155. Carol Busseau says:

    I liked the video, as an addition to the still photos, perhaps. You do a great job with the photos, and though I’ve only stayed in one of your apts., I believe they are well represented. I never get the feeling that you try to make things look more spacious than they are, and the decor is always so pleasant. I can’t wait to come back!

  156. Cynthia Levell says:

    The video was perfect. When can I book a reservation! An excellent way to showcase a very beautiful rental property.

  157. Barbara Sullivan says:

    Great video. Really good idea. Lovely apartment. Nice features: bedroom reading lights; lots of hangars; washer/dryer.

  158. Ellen A. says:

    Yes, by all means, most of us would love to see video of the apartments. The decor is always a delight, and video lets one experience the living space to best advantage. Three suggestions: 1. Leave off the owners’ name (for their privacy and protection, and also because we prefer to think of the apartment as “ours” for the week or two we are there); 2. Try to make the video on the sunniest day possible (of course we don’t go to Paris for a suntan, but maximum light makes the apartments cheery and shows them at their best); 3. Engage a professional to take the videos, or at least try not to pan and sweep quite so quickly, as it makes one a little seasick. Thanks for a peek into this gloriously renovated apartment. Congratulations to the owners on a very sound investment!

  159. Albert Diehl says:

    The video is very well done, save for the reflection of the technician in the bathroom mirror, I especially enjoyed the fact the video was not rushed and contained highlights of the washer/dryer. dishwasher as well as the closet and cabinet interiors. Well done!

  160. Harriet Gott says:

    I much prefer the video to photos. The video gives one a better idea of space and light.

  161. Cliff Hellard says:

    The video is definitely an asset. It gives the viewer a better sense of space than photos do.

  162. Eleanor Williams says:

    A definite, YES!!! The video was fantastic. I felt as though I was in the apartment.

  163. Rebecca Scheer says:

    This was awesome! Perfectly great idea for whetting the appetites of prospective renters – like us! One suggestion: If future videos could include a peek at the views to be had from the apt., it would be nice to see what we are looking at from the windows or even a shot of the street on which the apt. is located. The video is a very nice addition to your great website – complete with music – très bon!

  164. Anonymous says:

    This is great … much better than photo’s. It shows the real look of the apartment and all the details everyone cares about. Opening the cupboard doors and showing the appliances is wonderful. Great idea. I’m sure your sales will increase and your clientele will love it. All the best Arturo Teolis PBI Florida

  165. me53 says:

    I loved the video because you get a better view of how the apartment is laid out. I like being able to see in the cupboards and behind the doors. It is very helpful!

  166. Joanne Seymour says:

    The video’s a big plus, & really gives a better view of the apartment & its amenities. The 3-minute version is not too long.

  167. Russel Patterson says:

    Nice video of the apartment. The only suggestion I have would be to show the outside of the building and the street.

  168. The video undoubtedly provide a more realistic image of what the apartment is and it allows to take a decision on renting or not the ones you offer

  169. Dara Fraser says:

    Great addition to still photos and accurate text in describing the actual size and feel of each property. I would imagine most people using your service are experienced travellers well aware of size issues of apartments in world capitals and large cities- a video like this would help me decide if I will be comfortable for a long stay in a particular apartment or if I might be happier paying more for something else. All about fitting the right place to the right people. And your firms desire to be as honest as possible is a big plus- a point of difference likely only to be copied by quality providers.

  170. Betty Ballin says:

    A video is certainly a plus. However, a 360 degree video would be even more beneficial. Bathroom
    Should also be shown. Definitely superior to straight pictures. One gets a better understanding of the scale of the apt,. Thanks

  171. Ann says:

    i like the photos — I can go back to the ones I”m particularly interested in.

  172. Genevieve says:

    I think the video is a great idea. It gives a much better idea of what you actually get in the apartment. The only thing I don’t like is the fact it is on the third floor with no lift.

  173. C says:

    This video adds other, beautiful dimensions to the warmth of this apartment that aren’t possible with photos. I believe it should continue being shown. Fabulous apartment.

  174. Marlene says:

    Brilliant idea! Videos are definitely the best way to showcase your apartments! Well done!

  175. Richard Wexler says:

    Alex, I like the idea of a video or virtual tour in addition to the A La Carte Paris narrative. A video fills in gaps and provides greater insight into the space itself, among other things.

  176. ctutt says:

    Yes, I like the video. It’s very helpful to know what you’re getting.

  177. Sunshinegirl says:

    Hi Alex: This is yet another lovely apartment offered by A La Carte Paris.

    I’ve had the opportunity to rent 3 different pied-à-terre on my previous travels. Each flat was located in different cities: Rio de Janiero, Paris and Aix-en-Provence. I enjoyed the experience as I’m grown quite used to residing in extended stay hotels in the US, primarily for my job. Though I do enjoy dining out, I primarily prepare most of my meals and the use of a kitchen is mandatory for long term stays.

    On the other hand, I have found that if my stay averages 3 days, a hotel is preferred since I am an elite member at several international chains and keeping that status provides a higher level of service from year to year and dining out for 3 days is not difficult.

    I think that this concept is highly regarded, based on my conversation with several of my associates. It can be a very successful investment opportunity if well managed.

  178. Anonymous says:

    Love the video! It seems more revealing.

  179. Anonymous says:

    It is a much more detailed look at the apartment and givs a much clearer sense of the space. Would have been nice to see some views out the window and an exterior view of the apartment, to get a sense of the streetscape and neighborhood.

  180. Dimphy Genovese says:

    Fabulous to have a extended visual of the residence makes it much easier to get the real feel of the real space available and this would make it difficault to disguise flaws
    So you will really see what you get

  181. Anonymous says:

    Loved the video. It gives you a real perspective on the property.

  182. Sheila D. says:

    The apartment is beautiful. I love the color palette that was used to decorate the apartment; elegant, chic, and inviting. I like the idea of creating a video tour of the apartment. There is so much that can be done with matching the music to the style of the apartment. I think a combination of the video and photos should be used to showcase the apartments.

    Best Regards,
    Sheila D.

  183. Excellent and informative presentation…definitely keep this going…good luck!

  184. Anonymous says:

    I liked the video. Certainly would help when trying to decide which apt would be suitable I think.

  185. Nancy Moffat says:

    Absolutely love the video. I think this is an excellent way to showcase your rental properties. It gives me a feel for the size of the apartment. Also think s view of what you see from the windows is helpful.

  186. I’ve always found your photographs more than enough for choosing between apartments, but I do think having a video view is even better. It’s easier to see inside the cupboards and get an idea of the available space. I usually look for the view, the comfort, and the details. Having a choice would be excellent as well. What counts is that what we see if what we get with A La Carte. Merci for letting us voice our opinions!

  187. Nina Leek says:

    The. Ideo was helpful, giving a general idea of space, quality of furnishings etc. it looks delightful, and I hope to see it next year.

  188. Anonymous says:

    For sure;…gives perpective and elegant feel.

  189. Anonymous says:

    Video very helpful as I usually try to construct my own visual video from piecing together photos. Helps get an idea of the space size.

  190. Michael Turcotte says:

    The video gave me a better grasp of the actual size of the apartment. I liked it but I also like to see the still pictures and especially the floorplan.

  191. Sue Walsh says:

    Firstly the apartment is lovely, elegant with muted colour scheme. Video is a great idea, gives a good feeling of space and actually be being IN the apartment..A bonus to helping clients chose a holiday apartment.

  192. Anonymous says:

    Cosy apartment; show all of the kitchen before the living room and show more angles of the
    living room, the bedroom needs another lamp on the other side of the bed for reading.
    It isn’t necessary to keep showing the ceiling. If there is a good view from a window it would
    help to see the view.

  193. Ginger Lang says:

    Much prefer video to still photos. Like to see closets, inside cabinets, washer, dryer, refrigerator.
    Suggestion: I would like to see out the windows to see whether there is a balcony and see what the near and far views are from each apartment.
    Thank you.

  194. sheiladexd says:


    The apartment is beautiful! I love the color palette that was used to design the apartment; so elegant, chic, and inviting. I like the concept of creating a video tour for the apartments. There is so much that can be done to match the music to the style of the apartment. I think you should use a combination of the video and the photos to showcase the apartments.

    Best Regards,
    Sheila D.

  195. Anonymous says:

    Great idea but could do without the music. A VoiceOver explaining what the camera is showing would be good. Would have liked to have seen what views were outside the window

    1. Cheryl says:

      Yes, I thought exactly as you did. I thought there was something wrong with my sound in the beginning.

  196. Anonymous says:

    Photos work for me. I find the music a bit tedious and the video too repetitive.

  197. Anonymous says:

    Personally I am happy with a floor plan and photographs. The video however is an extra!

  198. James Maves says:

    Very good idea. It would be helpful to see the outside of the apartment building and a street scene too.

  199. mark trohA says:

    The apartment is very nice. Clean and very complete.

  200. mark trohA says:

    definitely A video.

  201. Nancy Moylan says:

    Video is extremely helpful

  202. carol says:

    A video would be good besides the stills, but not instead of the stills. I really appreciated the floor-plan drawing. That is excellent to include.

  203. megakay says:

    What a marvelous idea! I definitely think a brief video tour would be a wonderful addition to the apartment descriptions.

  204. Anonymous says:

    The video tour is a perfect idea. You really get a feel for the apartment through that video and the apartment looks quite charming.

  205. Anonymous says:

    Great idea. Great job executing.

  206. Deborah Johnson says:

    I loved it!

  207. Kathleen Gordon says:

    The video is very interesting but I think I prefer the photos because I can flip back and forth. It was very helpful in this instance that the doors to the closet and washer were opened. It would not affect my renting from you either way. The phone service, WiFi and availability of someone to answer questions if I become confused or need assistance is the most valuable service you provide in my opinion.

  208. Jorge Milanes says:

    A video gives a perspective you can’t get with photos alone, I think it’s extremely helpful to a prospective client. Seeing the storage capacity and contents of cabinets is great, I would always add a peek out a window to really give a complete feel of surroundings. I would definitely recommend adding a video for each unit.

  209. John cole says:

    Hi Alex & Staff, This apartment looks fantastic and very well presented. I would love to stay there on our next holiday.


  210. Patricia Hanly says:

    Dear alex The video is a great idea. Marais Nest appears to be a beautifully apppointed apartment, and I am sure it will prove popular with your clientele. We are looking forward to our visit to Paris (in Marais Gem – I think) in January 2015. Kind regards to you, Katy and all the team. Trish

  211. Ray McCawley says:

    Liked the video. Now that I know you made it for the owners, your choice of shots makes sense. Could not get a feel for the layout from the shots, but the owners know the layout. Too many shots of the ceiling, but I guess you are trying to show something to the owners. No view out the windows or the hallway or the entry, but again the owners know what all that looks like.

  212. Jan says:

    Hi, What a great idea to have a short video on the apartments. The apartment shown looks gorgeous and we will definitely keep it in mind for our next trip to Paris. Regards Jan Smith

  213. Dennis Regan says:

    I thought the video tour was just terrific–but I would like the still photos to be available. This apartment looks very attractive indeed.

  214. Margaret Munro says:

    Good morning Alex,
    I think the video is best, shows more detail.
    Does the apartment
    have elevator access?

  215. Anonymous says:

    Bien Sur on the video. We always wonder what lies between the best photo shots. And, congrats to the American couple for realizing we like reading lights on both sides of the bed and in the living room!

  216. Barbara says:

    I personally love videos of places of interest. Rentals and hotels videos are central in my making a de scion by allowing the renter to view more realistically what is available to you. This particular apartment is lovely for a couple. The colors are muted and warm, the sitting area is lovely. I see all amenities are included. Unfortunately for me I did not see an oven. There was what appeared to be a electric top until. I am a superior cook and would buy local produce and meats and fish to cook. Yes, even on vacation, not to say I would also of course choose to dine and discover the cuisine of Paris.

  217. Christian Hart says:

    The video is SO much better than just the photos in showing the essentials of the apartment and its charm. This one looks very small but very comfortable.

  218. Anonymous says:

    Hi Alex loved the video and yes I beleive that it would be very bennifical to have one for reviewing all the properties. Wish I was in Paris at this moment!
    Jeannine, Sydney Australia

  219. Randi Lewis says:

    I’ve love the photos, but the video tour is very nice, whatever is easiest for you. I’m not crazy about the Marais area, though. I love St. Germain and the apartment near the Eiffel Tower is lovely. I just have to find a reason to go to Paris and possibly someone to go with me — maybe the French Open tennis next year. One of my best friends here has a teenage grandson named Alex Wagner. He lives in Statesboro, Georgia, and is a very advanced soccer player, playing on traveling teams that play all over the US — nice name.

  220. Greg says:

    3 to 5 minute videos of the apartments are really helpful. The bathroom and kitchen (and what is in them) are the key, followed by living area then bedroom. It doesn’t need top class professional videos, but avoid walking with the video – just pan and zoom, then use cut-ins to move from room to room (as you did on some occasions).
    A further helpful addition would be showing the building entrance and stairs/elevator, and definitely just a short piece looking up and down the street from the front entrance together with a view of the front of the building (great for getting a streetscape view and very helpful for identifying the property when you arrive!).

  221. Alex,
    Thanks for letting me take a look…I’m a designer and do annual reports and brochures, and sometimes I do videos for my clients (and preparing one for myself as well for my web site), so I think it’s a great idea! Here are some of my thoughts, as someone from the US, and who is preparing to visit Paris in the beginning of October for several weeks: First, the video is too long…you keep panning the same area and I find I am losing interest. I like the way you showed someone opening the door…good entry (engaging), but, if you are using music, something French would be great (Carla Bruni?)…too much time in the living room area…love the lighting, etc, but shorten up that time, and focus on something on the dining room table, perhaps croissants or macaroons and coffee (maybe a flower arrangement?)so people can feel like they want to stay there. When I was looking for an apartment in Paris, the first thing I wanted was to see was the quality and attention to detail of the living room area, Bedroom next, and then Bathroom and then the kitchen….after all, I am not going to Paris to cook. Also, the statistics show that people lose interest in less than a minute, so I would keep it shorter than 3 minutes, maybe a minute and half?
    Just some comments…

  222. Constance says:

    Nice video, shows the apartment well. Best wishes to you and your team, well done!

  223. Patricia Vida says:

    The apartment is beautifully appointed. The remodel looks fantastic. I would love to stay there. The video adds an nice extra touch. Thanks for sending it.

    Patricia Vida

  224. Sue says:

    Yes, I think a video is a great way to showcase your apartments.

  225. Vilma Cabrera says:

    What a gorgeous apartment! This video is great, shows in detail all the features the apartment offers. Excellent idea! I would like to continue seeing photos, perhaps less if it if a video tour is introduced.

  226. Anonymous says:

    I like the video more as it is walk-through tour and can show so much more: ie, floors, ceilings, views, inside closets and cabinets, plus the scale of the place, which is important. Thanks!

  227. Jackie says:

    Excellent, great video, can’t wait to get back to Paris and stay in one of the lovely apartments. Thanks for all your work to show us Paris’ apartments.

  228. Diana Sturgis, Food Consultant says:

    Video is helpful and gives a reassuring view of apartment. Wish I could afford to spend a week there!

  229. Anonymous says:

    Just lovely
    When we schedule a trip to Paris we will contact you immediately.
    Thanks Alex

  230. Mary Hanahoe says:

    Excellent idea…really gives an authentic feel for the apartment. I visit Paris every year and this would definitely encourage me to rent one of your apartments.

  231. Raymond Donato says:

    My wife and I think that the video is a fabulous idea; provides more “context” than the still shots. I’d love to see a couple of glimpses out of the windows.
    Raymond Donato

  232. Barbara says:

    I think this is a great idea & would be really helpfu when selecting an apartment.

  233. Linda says:

    I like the idea of a video. Easier to visualize the space. And the newly renovated apartment Is beautiful.

  234. Barry Oakes says:

    What a beautiful apartment. The video was excellent.

  235. Clive McKenzie says:

    A very good idea. You get a better idea of actual size of the apartment. We keep recommending you to our friends and with a video they could actually see the choices available .


    Clive Mckenzie

  236. Claire Child says:

    Wonderful, love it, would love to be there NOW

  237. Rebecca Waldman says:

    Great video of lovely apartment! Is the sofa a foldout or real mattress? My husband & I require 2 beds.

    We will be in Paris next month (Oct. 13-28) and may want to visit with you. Will you be in town?

    Thanks, Becky

  238. Anonymous says:

    The video was well done, and would be most helpful for clients to view for all rentals. However, we are not interested in any apartment without an elevator, as we are “senior citizens” and the thought of getting luggage, groceries etc. into any “walk-up” is a negative for us.

  239. Graham Thomson says:

    Communication is the life blood of selling. Your video, and its comprehensive presentation, conveys the point superbly. It espouses the feeling: “I want to rent that apartment”. It has a most persuasive plea.I nonly wish I could afford to rent it.

    Best wishes.

    Graham Thomson.

  240. Jim L. Sills says:

    I loved the video tour! It showed what any renter would want to see before renting a
    property in a country thousands of miles away. I liked the general panning around the
    spaces and then the close ups on the fixtures, appliances, closets, cabinets. The floors
    and ceilings were covered and you felt you truly knew the property after viewing (or reviewing)
    the video. I would have liked to see a view from a window to the street below. I wish more
    property managers would provide videos. It is a classy move for you to do this!

  241. Rita Hamilton says:

    The video is great, showing off another quality apartment at its best. I generally don’t bother with the videos on websites and find them a bit slow and often too long. I found the photos of A La Carte apartments to be sufficient when selecting an apartment. However, this video is brief yet comprehensive and it is good to see inside cupboards etc. I am sure prospective clients will appreciate this additional perspective. Great job A La Carte.

  242. Paul says:

    Excellent idea to add a short video to help make a decision on a rental. I vote yes!

  243. Anonymous says:

    Loved the idea of the video
    and I loved the apt!

    I can’t wait to return to Paris and tour the wine country

    Thoroughly enjoy your newsletter.

  244. Anonymous says:

    Don’t know why you’ve waited. I think every detail helps. I think the pictures and the floor plans are really well done. The floor plan is very beneficial. Videos help you feel like you’re walking through, though. I’d be interested in seeing the views from the windows and building entries to the apartment door, too, but I suppose that would be too much information for security reasons.

  245. Anonymous says:

    This very useful and hope it continues. It makes all the difference in decision making.
    Thank you

  246. Anonymous says:

    Very comfortable, classy and fresh looking.

  247. Forest Shaner says:

    Video is the way to go.

  248. Anonymous says:

    Great Idea – Much better … A hundred times better than photo’s only. Opening the cupboard doors and showing appliances, dinner ware and other conveniences is again must better than just listing or describing them in print. This should increase your clientele dramatically. All the best to you.
    I’ve been on your mailing list for a few years – This is a great improvement .
    Art Teolis – Palm Beach -Florida

  249. Ed says:

    My priorities looking for an apartment in Paris are kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and neighbourhood. The video did a good job on those ‘essentials’ including how well equipped each room is, however I would appreciate a street shot including the neighbourhood, traffic/ parking, building entry and any interior courtyard or lobby views, just to get a ‘feel’ for the context. I’d rent it.

  250. cindy rogers says:

    The video walkthrough is an excellent selling point for renting. I found the pictures for A La Carte rentals accurately represented the apartment we rented, but I have to admit the video gives one a whole different perspective. Lovely new apartment!

  251. Mary Bajoras says:

    Yes, good idea to have videos of the apartments. The photos are very good but the video gives you a better perspective of space and layout of the apartments.

  252. Chris says:

    Great video! Yes, videos are immensely helpful in being able to visualize what the space and layout – really feel like in an apartment. Nicely done!

  253. Kathy says:

    It would be great to have a short video for each apartment. It gives more of an idea about the size & feel of the property in a way that photos don’t.

  254. Geoof Taylor says:

    A good idea which usefully complements the photographic presentation. Well done. Geoff

  255. Jo-Ellen Dodd says:

    I think the apartment is wonderful and I love the Marais area. I would love to stay in this apartment anytime I was in Paris. The video is good however not that important. I believe the way you have a plan of each apartment, along with photos, provides all the information needed. I wish you and the owners every success with this beautiful apartments.

    Best wishes,

    Jo Dodd

  256. Garry Cranny says:

    The video is an excellent idea. It provides a much greater sense of spacial awareness, simultaneously giving an improved indication of the ‘flow’ and liveability of the apartment.
    The video also enables the viewer to better appreciate the condition of the apartment – surfaces, furniture, lighting and installed appliances – than that provided by photographs, which can be misleading and/or ‘enhanced’.

  257. Anonymous says:

    video is not working

  258. Margaret says:

    Very useful as sometimes photos are”staged” to show a certain angle giving impression of bigger rooms etc Video shows all angles. A good idea. Looks to be a very cute apartment.

  259. Arlene Polangin says:

    Absolutely love having the video tour of Marais Nest. Do watch lighting. The first entry into the living room near the kitchen and the kitchen were quite dark and difficult to see. Everything brightened up after that. Great apartment in great location except for it being a walk up with no elevator on third floor (4th US).

  260. Karen Giglio says:

    Loved the video of Marais apartment! We will definitely consider it on our next trip to Paris. Videos beat “descriptions” any day! Thanks!

  261. Linda says:

    Could happily stay there for ever!!!! Really lovely!!!

  262. Anonymous says:

    hooray! better this way!

  263. Diane Jones says:

    The video is nice, however, when moving into the rooms the glare from the windows makes parts of the video very dark. Also, when the cameraman was moving into the bathroom, he was shown in the mirror which comes across as not very professional. I personally think that the pictures on your website and the written description is really quite adequate. That being said, opening up the doors to the kitchen cabinets, the frig, dishwasher, clothes washer, closets, etc., was really nice to see. However, the bathroom showed up super small in the video which wasn’t a good selling point. I realize that Paris bathrooms are small in general but the Marias Exclusive in which we stayed was much more spacious. The visual size of the bathroom would probably send me to another rental even though the decor of the apartment is really lovely and what most people would term as “very French”. If it were my choice, I think I would stay with the pictures and put the time and effort into updating the locational information regarding nearby restaurants, subways, area markets, points of interest, etc., for your guests. As I shared with Sarah, that element (as of May) wasn’t yet quite up to the standard of your apartments or your excellent customer service. Hope this was helpful. Sincerely, Diane Jones

  264. Anonymous says:

    My husband and I research our Paris apartments, if we had a video like this one, it would be easier to select the one for us. For instance: showing refrigerator size, bed and bed side tables with lamps, shower, and location of toilet. Nice job! One item I would show, security phone/door and elevator.

  265. Maureen Evans says:

    Alex I think it is a wonderful idea to use a video . It gives more perspective and shows details that are not evident in photos. The apartment looks gorgeous.

  266. Alex Lim says:

    Hi Alex,

    Yes, I love the idea of a video tour. It might need a larger database on your side though… But great for us clients.

    By the way, it’s inspired me to look at a Paris investment apartment. I will call you when I’m ready to discuss.


  267. Anthony Rogers says:

    You should definitely place a video for each unit on line as it puts you on a par with some of your better competitors, it also gives your prospective clients a much better feel for the apartments.
    My wife and I have recently booked our second stay with your company and after viewing numerous rental companies websites over the last 8 years or so ( we have been holidaying in Paris most years in apartments) it is the sites that are modern informative and easy to navigate that keep you interested as a prospective client.
    Anthony Rogers

  268. J guy Fortin says:

    Wonderful apartment. First class in every way.

  269. Ida Scicluna, Melbourne Australia says:

    It’s a great idea. Photos are a great way to view apartments but sometimes it is difficult to gauge the actual living space. A virtual video will be able to show the potential renter the space and outlay of the apartment. The apartment looks great and it looks like it was well thought out. I love it. Two years ago I was in Paris with my husband, daughter and teenage son. I enjoy receiving your emails and to see what’s in store, I particularly enjoyed your Christmas email you spent with friends and family. One day, when I can afford it, I would love to stay in one of your apartments. Keep up the good work!

    To make the video more professional, try not to get the video guy in the mirror of the bathroom and have someone open the door from the inside of the apartment. Otherwise great idea!

  270. Mary Hackman says:

    The video tour is an excellent way to show off the apartment. I wanted to know how big the rooms are; that would be helpful to me and they did seem to be very small – especially if there were 4 people staying there. I very much liked what I saw; the decor is in excellent taste, comfortable and classy at the same time, and would consider renting from you and your firm in the future.

  271. Anonymous says:

    Great idea and I would be more apt to rent after viewing a video than by pictures

  272. Lexie Crosling says:

    Fantastic video! I think it’s a great idea to include with all apartments. We can get a real sense of the space and flow from one area to the next.

  273. Pam and Tom Becker says:

    Very interesting. We were satisfied with choosing our apartment by the photos and layout schematic online, but I can see how a video might really appeal to folks who are unfamiliar with Paris apartments. On another topic, what is the price of a comparable apartment, completely renovated and furnished? And what could an owner expect to earn, net annually, after A la Carte fees, if the apartment (comparable to this one) is available for rent in prime season? Just a guess ….. Thanks! Pam and Tom Becker

  274. Eve Dixon says:

    Your usual high standard compliments this beautiful apartment. Look forward to returning to Paris soon and taking advantage of your wonderful opportunities.
    Well done
    King regards Eve Dixon

  275. Lynn says:

    I liked the video! It gives you a better sense of the space– how the rooms & furniture flow together.

  276. Helen Douglas says:

    The video brings the apartment to life, I think it is a definite plus when looking for an apartment to rent.

  277. Patty Barry says:

    The videa is a great option – would be a great benefit for all apartments

  278. mozzoz60 says:

    This is a lovely apartment. I think the video is great. Being able to see inside cupboards is very helpful. The video also gives good perspective of the size of the apartment. Only criticism is perhaps one shot of the ceiling. I would still like to see a few photo’s in addition to the video.

  279. I rent an apartment in Paris about two weeks of every year. I would like to see the outside entrance/street the stair/elevator and know the price when I look at your “ads”.

  280. Carol mcCabe says:

    Simply brilliant.

  281. D Ross MacKenzie says:

    Hi Alex. The video is such an excellent idear . I noticed that in the wordrobe very few hangers ,
    As a travel ,from Australia,we need washing machine / dryer and at least a dozen hangers ,in each
    wardrobe . The apartment looks great ,the owners gone to a lot of trouble. Great to see
    Great idear Alex. , keep up the good work .
    With thanks
    D. Ross MacKenzie.

  282. Rob Miller says:

    Video is very well done & effective. Photos are fine too, but the video really gives the feel of the apt more so than just photos. Hope you will include video showings with your listings.

    Rob Miller

  283. Kris Henry says:

    It’s a brilliant idea it gives a much better understanding of what the apartment is like it would be great to include on your website

  284. Anonymous says:

    Good marketing approach….would like to know approx size, location and cost

  285. Nathalie R. says:

    The video makes you crave an apartment in Paris. I see a perfectly divine space. Someone has already purchased it? Those luckies. Are there going to be more???

  286. Dwight Weidenhamer says:

    The video was great! I think it adds a nice touch to an already superb website.

  287. Jeanne says:

    Alex, thanks for the info. We hope to visit Paris again next year and will use your service however I have had 4 surgeries and 2 knee implants on my left leg and would have to have a lift. I think you are doing a good job with the pictures. Thanks for keeping me informed.

  288. Anonymous says:

    Hi. I just rented the Marais Panache for Christmas/New Years holidays and would have enjoyed seeing a video of it……particularly a video of the outside of the building as well as a “streetview”. This is something the realtors do for properties in Manhattan and it is very helpful. I would not want the video to replace the photos, however.

  289. John Coates says:

    I think a video presentation of each apartment is an excellent idea as it provides a true picture of the dimensions of the apartment and inclusions.

  290. Marilyn Daventry says:

    I loved it and wish I could come and stay there.

  291. David Young says:

    The video gives a better sense of the size of the apartment, but the still photos are better to evaluate the specifics.

  292. Lois Schultz says:

    I am ok with just the photos, especially if the cost of producing the videos would add to the cost of the apartment.

  293. Anonymous says:

    The video is a great addition. The floor plans you show are very important and the still photos are useful as well. I don’t get much out of the vase or light fixture photos. I like to get a feel for the size and layout of the apartments. We have liked the ones we stayed in. Your interior decorators do a great job.

  294. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the Video of the apartment, it is very helpful. I have no plans to travel as of now but the information is much appreciated

  295. Jill Tayler says:

    I love the video tour. So practical and very helpful in deciding whether the property is suitable.
    I adore getting the emails from A La Carte Paris as it reminds me and my partner of the wonderful week we spent in one of your central Paris apartments. We do plan to return and book through you again someday.

  296. Melinda says:

    Yes video…I have rented three times in Paris since 2012, and I am always wishing that all adverts had photos for all things that I am interested in…entrance of building, entry of building, steps to apartment, view out the window, nespresso machine, other appliances, layout of rooms, etc. The video can do all of that easily. Beautiful apartment, by the way…

  297. Anonymous says:

    Video is important, and helpful. But retain the photos.

  298. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic! Must do, for all your properties. You really get a good feel if the space. Pictures can be shot at different angles, which can differ from reality.

  299. Anonymous says:

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  300. Kalson Pang says:

    Tres bien!

  301. Suzette Smith says:

    Beautiful! But how much does it rent for?!

  302. Helena Reyes says:

    Dear sirs, as a possible investor, I enjoyed your video very much,I think it shows many pertinent aspects of the apartment, in an attractive way , easy to figure out details and advantages. I would suggest , though, to add some view of the street entrance, elevator, main door ,in future videos. I definetely woud reccomend this way of showing your buildings, much better than pictures, or in addition to them. By de the way, I did not receive any previous information about this a apartment.(location, price, other costs, availability, etc).Please send it to me if it is possible. Thankyou very much for this video.
    Cordially yours,
    Helena Reyes

  303. nicola painter says:

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  304. Anonymous says:

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  305. Suzette Smith says:

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  306. Anonymous says:

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  308. Anonymous says:

    Stunning apartment and beautifully decorated – wish I was there – Sam – Perth Australia

  309. Ed Miller says:

    I think the video gives a much better impression of the apt.
    We just returned from a week in Paris, where we stayed at an apt at “Apt du Louvre” on Rue de L’Arbre near St. Honore. The apt itself was modern, but the only windows opened on to a small shaft. The entrance off the street was not inviting. (long dark hallway leading to a small elevator).
    If you have any tendency to claustrophobia you are in trouble. We paid $1200 USD.
    We’ll look you up next time.

  310. Lorraine Morris says:

    Video is really useful, gives you a better sense of the space and layout that you cant get with just pictures. Loved how you showed what was behind the cupboard doors.

  311. Gail Boulay, Ste - Adele, Quebec says:

    The video is very nice and does give more information than photos and a list of equipment included,but I think probably what you are doing presently is sufficient. Gail Boulay

  312. Susan Carter says:

    I like the video & think it’s a great addition to the pictures. I loved this apt &, if it had an elevator or was on a lower floor, I’d rent it in a minute but 3 flights is too much for my age & my back.

  313. Carol Howitt says:

    Hi Alex–when I first started to look at the video I didn’t think it was necessary to provide it but then when I saw the kitchen cupboards and clothes closets I changed I my mind.
    It is a help to see the hangers,the ironing board ,the dishes ,dishwasher etc.
    It may be of great assistance for people to see all the amenities.
    We loved our St Germaine apartment but we did laugh at my daughter’s Parisian friend who prepared a delicious supper for us and couldn’t find a cheese grater.
    We are constantly suggesting your wonderful apartments to our friends.
    We plan to return very soon.
    Thanks again.

  314. Rebecca Krutsinger says:

    The video is fantastic. I enjoyed the pictures yesterday, but the video is like taking a walk through the apartment. I want to be there!!!!!!

  315. claire601 says:

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  316. Sarah Gosling says:

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  317. Peter says:

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  318. Ami says:

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  319. Kendall Hayes says:

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  320. Anonymous says:

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  322. Louise says:

    the video is a great idea. The room flow is obvious and gives a good idea of the size of the apartment and the natural light

  323. Anonymous says:

    Video tour was very impressive especially with the level of detail you could see with the contents of kitchen cabinets and appliances. I would still want to see a floor plan. Would recommend that you edit out the hands opening the doors etc and just do a before and after. A wider lens would also improve the ability to judge relative size and placement. All in all a grand idea, just needs some polishing.

  324. Tom Benaroch says:

    Surprisingly, I found that the video made the apartment appear small and cramped, whereas I did not get that sense from the pictures. I realize that it is not a large unit, as is true of many a La Carte Paris rentals, but I believe that pictures show it off better. I think the same would hold true for other units, like Eiffel Elegance, which I rented several years ago. The pictures of that unit, combined with the floorplan, required that I piece together in my mind the total appearance of the unit, and even though I knew that it was compact, in my mind it seemed larger. Yet when I saw it in person, I was not disappointed, but rather I marvelled at its efficient use of space.

  325. Bret Hampton says:

    Hi Alex
    I think video is a great help as judging size and quality of furnishing is very difficult in still photos. It looks like a very modern apartment and nice for one person or a couple. I would suggest though that you have your videographer shoot with a wide angle lens attachment so you can see more of the room at one time instead of all the panning and tilting up and down. Also would look better if he did some lighting rather than just using available light. I recently sold my house and the photographer who did my photos really made the house look great with lighting. I think most people will think of your video as more professional if it’s lit well. (I’m a professional videographer and editor myself and last fall we filmed the pilot episode to a new travel series called “Secret Paris” based on the mystery novels by Cara Black)

  326. Anonymous says:

    Hi Alex,
    A video tour would have to be a plus for your renters. It shows a lot more detail than photos. Even a 1 minute video would be helpful. I love the way your team renovate the apartments.

  327. Anonymous says:

    The apt is nicely appointed but the kitchen has no stove top and the info provided no pricing. Realize that hi and low seasons give variations but for a third floor walkup, some indication of cost would be appropriate.

  328. david says:

    I love the look of this apartment…you have done a superb job with the reno!…congrats…the video v photos is ,I think 50-50… both are great , with the photos maybe just a nose better!!

  329. Don Dwight says:

    A short video — 1 minute or 90 seconds — would be a plus.

  330. Margaret Dick says:

    Great! Gives a good idea of both the space and amenities, more so than just the photos.

  331. Anonymous says:

    Video is a great idea as long as it is not too long. The one shown was a fraction too long.

  332. Anonymous says:

    I think the video in connection with the photos is a good idea. The more visual information the better. It certainly is a nice property – far superior to the Marais Gem where we stayed recently, which was very shabby and ordinary in comparison.
    Christine Chamberlain

  333. Ronald & Rosemary Wright says:

    The video was very helpful. If we ever come to Paris again we would certainly consider staying
    with you. Thanks for sending it to us to look at..

  334. Anonymous says:

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  335. Dee Brock says:

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  336. Hugo Rehesaar says:

    The video is a brilliant idea. You get a real feel of what it is like to be in it. More of them please.

  337. Vicki Gardner says:

    It is a great idea, John and I are in real estate in Australia and the “Video Walk Thru” gives a better feel as if you are walking through the property yourself. Good luck Alex, your company is by far the most professional in Paris!

  338. Lauren Shafer says:

    A video is a more clear representation of the size and could be very helpful. But I would say the one you did showing the homeowners is more than whats needed. I dont think ceiling shots and every cabinet detail is necessary, but a street detail might be nice.

  339. John Perham says:

    The video is an excellent way to present the appartment – particularly the relationship between the spaces and the contents of cupboards. Much better than ‘stills’.

  340. M. J. Mann says:

    The video is fine but I prefer the photos.

  341. D. Hunter says:

    Looks wonderful well done!

  342. Shari Rooney, Redmond, WA USA says:

    Hello Alex,
    I haven’t had the occasion to rent from you yet (I will actually be in Paris from October 5-25) but I believe that a WELL DONE video tour would be excellent and very helpful for a prospective renter. Unhappily, this video is terrible. Many shots are unintelligible, out of focus, or duplicated. No more than two good shots, well lighted, of each room is plenty! And dress the rooms up with art work and fresh flowers.
    My best,

  343. Nancy De leon says:

    Hello Mr. Wagner, I love the video! I think the video gives a visual picture of the apartments. However, I also like the photos!

  344. Catherine Fiorello says:

    Lofe the idea of seeing a video before committing to an apt. rental. Great!

  345. Anonymous says:

    I love the video!

  346. Dianne Woodbridge says:

    Tres chic, absolutely gorgeous well done to all concerned. Can not believe it is only one year since we had our wonderful visit to Paris and stayed in your fabulous St Germain apartment, such memories ! hopefully to be repeated. Dianne Woodbridge

  347. ellen boyce says:

    Yes the video is great but what about outside of building and entry

  348. Trevor Paynter says:

    Video excellent idea. Can only improve on good addition. Could include:
    The positioning of the apartment is important to visitor. Possibly start video in the street to show street situation. (We loved looking out of the window to the street below while having morning coffee and getting a feel for the weather.)
    Consider showing foyer and stairwell – this is relevant for older visitors who need to use the stairs twice a day.
    View from the windows including street view both ways.
    Video camera needs to be widest possible angle – 25mm – to take in more.
    From room corners make slower sweeps to get sense of spaces.
    Camera to pause more or linger on areas.
    Video quality is acceptable for it’s purpose and video could certainly be longer.
    Photos still essential but video is a great addition.
    We definitely want to return hopefully in 2016 – love getting your emails – thanks.

  349. Rhonda Cunningham says:

    Thankyou Alex for the video of the apartment. I really liked to beable to visualise going through the apartment. Hopefully you will be able to have both the photos and the video link. Makes deciding on an apartment easier.
    Cheers Rhonda

  350. Anonymous says:

    The video is a good idea. The apartment looks great, very tastefully decorated and appealing.

  351. Anonymous says:

    This is an excellent idea – all of your apartments should have a video. It give a far better perspective of the size and details of the apartment. Also how about showing the street and the façade of the building.

  352. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s extremely helpful to show a video. This apartment is very well done. Thanks!
    Marcela Garces

  353. Robyn Dean says:

    I think the video is a bit too jerky and amateurish, after looking at the photos on the site I think that shows a better view. You can see the person videoing it in the background and that is not a good sign. The apartment is really beautiful and with the video it shows it to be a bit dark.

  354. Anonymous says:

    I prefer stills rather than video. With stills I can jump from room to room as I want to see them, not waiting for the videographer to go. Not enough personal control for me and too time consuming. If both were available that might be good, so people can choose which they want.

  355. David says:

    Enjoyed the video; the furnishings look excellent – sadly four words preclude my further interest -ie “third floor no elevator” (I do recognize this is a very Parisian architectural issue)

  356. Roslyn says:

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  357. Liz says:

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    Some people like videos.
    It shows what a wonderful job you do renovating apartments. It makes me want to be in Paris
    and stay there! I hope that will be soon.
    All the best
    Ellen Curran

  359. Terri Sorrell says:

    Video of apts for rent or sale is a great idea.

  360. Anonymous says:

    Hi Alex
    Photos are good but video is more informative — as to revealing what’s behind doors etc.
    Perhaps you could also include a little outside footage/surrounding area etc. They could be stills.
    Thanks for your emails/information — I enjoy them all!!
    Bill Morrison Perth Australia

  361. Louise says:

    Video tour is a great idea. It provides a clear impression of the space and size of the apartment. Maybe include the entry of the building or streetscape.

  362. Danielle says:

    Looks great- it always is a help to have as much understanding of the layout of an apartment.

  363. Katherine Socia says:

    This is a lovely apartment, beautifully decorated. I’m rather neutral on videos. I think the pictures are sufficient and usually don’t even look at the videos because I find them too time consuming. But I think I may be in the minority.

  364. Gai Helm says:

    This video certainly showed the apartment to it’s advantage that photos would not relay as well. It allows a better perspective as to it’s proportions. Beautiful apartmwnt

  365. Carolyn Heberlein says:

    I like the video. It really shows off so much more than the snap shots. Especially liked it when you opened up all of the doors in the kitchen revealing refrigerator, dishwasher, and clothes washer. We rented from you for trip to Paris 3 years ago. I am certain we will rent again when we are next in Paris.

  366. Veronica Lazarou says:

    Hello Alex,
    Yes I think a video presentation helps whenn deciding on an apartment. I like they way cupboards were opened to show how much storage thereis and what appliances there are. It also also helps just to get “the feel” of the property.
    P.S It is a very nice apartment. Well done.

  367. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s a great idea to do the video. I wish I had know about your site last year when I was in France. I was very lucky and did my homework to have found a great place that I stayed in. Refer your site to others anytime I have a chance.
    Tres bene.

  368. Howard Ralls says:

    I’ve rented apartments in Paris from the U.S. via internet four times. I’ve never paid much attention to the videos offered before.. However, this video gave a much better picture of what the apartment offers. (I had already looked at the photos yesterday when I got your first email.) I think I will view the videos in the future. Photos often don’t give much info on the bathroom for example, which is important. Also, I like this new apartment – I will likely try to get rent it for our next visit in the spring.. it’s just too far out to make the investment now. Howard Ralls

  369. James Thorn says:

    This is very helpful and gives you a much more comprehensive understanding of the 3 dimensional context of the apartment before arrival. I deal frequently with plan view drawings in my line of work and have no difficulty imagining space and layout but my wife just about always says, “It is not the way I imagined it.” These videos would take a lot of the surprise element out of it for her. The only thing I would add is a short intro showing the walk up and outdoor areas of the building. Our last stay was a bit disappointing because while the picture showed a building on Rue McMahon, we were not prepared for the fact that the apartment was actually inside of a double courtyard and almost 100 meters off the Blvd. The fact that there was no view detracted from the stay.

  370. Lockie Laing says:

    This would be great for prospective tourist renters.
    We loved our flat in the Marais, in fact this could be the same building by the views.
    Seeing the video gives a much better impression than stills and a plan.
    I would suggest ensuring that the plan is also available if not included in the video.

  371. Yvonne Hudacek says:

    A video of apartments available would be an advantage to prospective renters – like being there already in Paris!

  372. Anonymous says:

    Video is a good idea…it does not have to be as long as the 3 minutes that this one took.

  373. April says:

    I like seeing a video. I think it is very helpful in seeing the apartments and making a choice. That said, we did not have a video when we chose Marais Delight and it turned out exactly as I expected it to look like from the photos. Either is good, but the video lets you inside, which is really cool.

  374. Rebecca says:

    The video adds good value to the apartment descriptions! I think it would be a helpful addition! Thank you for asking. And, by the way – the Marais Nest looks very inviting!!

  375. John McIvor says:

    Photos provided have been/are sufficient but having an option of a video is a fantastic initiative, in my opinion it can only enhance the potential rental of the apartment’s for the owners. Best Wishes

  376. Anonymous says:

    Good idea. Should be professionally created. Do not have people’s arms or faces in mirrors showing. Do not need to have so many shots of same rooms and especially of ceilings. Good luck!

  377. Anonymous says:

    Think the video is an excellent idea as gives greater sense of proportion and flow as opposed to the still photos

  378. John Mickle says:

    The video is valuable for the additional views as well as the room-to-room flow it provides.

  379. Rhonda Frecderick says:

    video is even better than the photos. gives you a real feel for the apartment that you are renting

  380. Marge Marino says:

    I really like the floor plans shown in the stills,but this video isa great idea, especially for Americans who are not familiar with theEuropean style of efficient use of space and hiding kitchen appliances. Great,

  381. Linda Oliver says:

    Hi Alex, I prefer the video. You really get a “feel” of being there. The video is much better than the pictures.

  382. Anonymous says:

    Given that we are all now video-oriented, more than ever, I think the videos are stronger than static pictures.

  383. Roni Kalyk says:

    Dear Alex – The video is so much better than photos! Being able to peek into drawers, behiind
    doors and “walk” from space to space presents the property in a more realistic light. Great

  384. Kenneth Peter Lee says:

    I think the video really shows the apartment to great advantage. I don’t know if you’d want to shoot all your properties, probably start with a few in each category and price and definitely of any new property added to the inventory. I’m tempted to switch out the Marais gem that we already booked.

  385. Anonymous says:

    The photos represented the apartment that I rented (Marais Market) quite well, but first-time renters may wonder how accurate the photos are. The video really shows the detail of the apartment. Also, since it’s hard to photograph smaller rooms well, it gives an idea of the size and shows the whole room. I think the videos would be a great addition. This one is quite well done.

  386. Anonymous says:

    Great little video. Photos have always been good, however the video provides more detail which is helpful. The apartment amenities did not mention a dishwasher however the video gave us a peek at the small dishwasher which was great to see. When on holiday, dishwashers for us is an essential😉. I do like the idea of seeing into spaces. Thanks for your great apartment offers and always informative emails.

  387. Jeralyn LeBrun Labunski says:

    I thought it a brilliant idea, so much more fun as well as informative. Great job!
    I’m so disappointed that due to an unforeseen situation, I’ll not be able to visit Paris this year.

  388. Katia Pierre says:

    I think the video is a great idea. It gives a moving visual which makes the apartment comes alive.

  389. bloganista says:

    Very impressive video. Beautiful apartment, maybe a shot of the entrance?

  390. Richard says:

    We have rented holiday apartments in France for over 20 years and have not had a bad experience. Our choices were based on photos, floor plans and testimonials.I showed this to my wife and her comment was she liked the video as it showed more detail in terms of the state of the appliances and ammenities. You get a better sense of the actual space as well as natural light and condition of the unit. I would think this would be very informative for first time renters of Parisian holiday apartments. A view out the windows would be benificial to know if you opened onto a courtyard or directly to the street. In addition to the video a map showing the location in Paris as well as the closest metro stations would be beneficial.
    Nicely appointed rental!

  391. bloganista says:

    Impressive video, beautiful apartment…. maybe a shot of the entrance?

  392. Gary McCall says:

    Great video! If I came to Paris and I asked for a tour, this would be the tour. Pictures often distort the size of rooms particularly when the rooms are small. We hope to return to Paris in the next year or so. We have always stayed in a hotel but may be willing to do something different. The video makes me want to ask three questions, How much? How far ahead do you have to make reservations for availability? and, Are there are other apartments available that are similar? I would suppose those are the questions you hope the video generates. Again, excellent work and very helpful in understanding what a Paris apartment looks like on the inside.

  393. +61 433 523 465 says:

    I think a short video is a great way of showcasing what the apartment looks like.

  394. Absolutely AWESOME! I love it. The movement of the video was timed just right. Run the water in the bathroom and light some candles. You could even show people enjoying the place too! The music makes you stop and pay attention. I want to come to Paris and work for you guys! Maybe I should find you enough investors here so I can earn my own place there!!!!! The opportunity to visit Paris often is so desired.

    My precious husband passed away June 10, 2014. I went to Paris for the first time in June of 2000. I was there on Bastille Day. End of June and first part of July. So much fun for me and five girlfriends. Then my husband took me another four times while we fought his battle with cancer. I did not stay with you guys because we were always very last minute and our time restraints were odd. We usually stayed at the Toulouse La Trec Opera Hotel. Such a sweet boutique hotel. They treated us well. I recall each and every detail. I do believe Paris is in my future.

    Congrats on the video. I love it. The still photos are great too. Take a peek and see if you can add music to the stills…….not sure about that but I can look for some software for that….it would be cool to do that.

    Seprenia Joy Gue Spille

  395. Paul Viant says:

    Thank you Alex, firstly I very much enjoy receiving and reading through your material and while we have yet to stay in one of your apartments, we certainly intend to at some stage in the near future. As for the video I think the concept is brilliant and certainly would encourage its wider application. An additional thought though, the video would certainly benefit from an intro shot of the street/neighbourhood setting where each apartment is located, perhaps a shot of the building and maybe a quick up and down the street. Hope it helps and good luck with it !!

  396. Yes the video was a delightful experience add both I want to stay here one day, I will be back soon

  397. Rick Spring says:

    From the video, I find this rental unit to be very attractive. It’s seems just the right mix of somewhat contemporary and more traditional to “feel” right, without being eclectic, per se (which would be neither good nor bad, but difficult to pull off this smartly). The video answered a question the photos did not: How big is the shower? It appears to be nearly twice as large as most showers which have been shoe-horned into older buildings. A fine job, all together.

    1. Rick Spring says:

      It seems not It’s seems…

  398. Anonymous says:

    The video is wonderful. The photos are great but the video shows the apartment as it really is, you get more of a sense of the actual size. The video makes you feel like you are there, which makes you want to actually be there.

  399. Anonymous says:

    The video gives a much more detailed impression of the apartment and of course you can pause the video anytime to study the details. Moving pictures ….great idea.

  400. Margaret Giardina says:

    I think it is a great way to really get a feel for the takes out the guess work.

  401. Anonymous says:


  402. Robert Engel says:

    First off, all your places are so pristine and well thought out and one comes to that point of view through the still photo’s. The one advantage to the video is the opening of cupboard and appliance doors. That is not overly important in my mind it’s just a nice little extra. But you must weigh that against the complete control you have in staging the photo’s versus seeing maybe too much that you can’t control in the video. It comes down to the extra cost effectiveness of adding the videos to your already wonderful presentation of your properties. The answer lies in your pocketbook.

  403. Sari says:

    I really like the idea of the video, and this has been so well put together. It gives a much better feel of the apartment as opposed to photos and floor plans. I am tempted by the video to want to stay here, which is what marketing is all about. You will be hard pressed to prise me off the island though!

  404. Yes the videos are helpful in understanding the scale and flow of the unit. While I understand the need to create a neutral palette comparable to an elegant understated hotel stay, I must say that things are looking much too ‘ Americanized ‘. I feel we are missing here some of a ‘French interior vibe’ – a little more daring or reflective of Parisian flavor…. I work as a realtor in affluent Marin County California where so much of these interiors are dummed down to appeal to the masses…it’s a pity – no interesting interior flavor, however subtle – one of the reasons a visual person travels – to see other creative environments!

  405. Paul Boothby says:

    An excellent idea and gives, of course, the “real life” experience of the apartment. Whilst I can understand that the exact address may not want to be disclosed until virtually taking possession I do think that your proposed video would be improved if it included video of the externals which would include a streetscape/local markets/local restaurants etc

  406. Meredith Mancini says:

    A great idea and really gives you a far better idea of apartment size.

  407. David Morris says:

    I believe that the video gives a more realistic perspective of the apartment and features the items like the washing machine,dishwasher and crockery available on site. This video makes me want to get back to Paris. We had the best experience in one of your Marais apartments.

  408. Anonymous says:

    Great idea! But it should be shorter–two minutes max.

  409. Carol says:

    Hi Alex – thanks for all your great emails. I don’t think you need video’s. Photo’s are fine

  410. Anonymous says:

    Hi Alex,
    I love the video! It’s like walking through the apartment. I am sure other potential guests will appreciate it as well.
    I love your apartments and definitely would stay at your apartments.
    Thank you,

  411. Linda Holt says:

    Hi, Alex – the apartment is beautiful and very desirable. Having a similar video for all apartments would be very beneficial. But you need a better videographer – this one is too choppy and the angle is all wrong – too low, looking up, when it needs to be more on a standing level looking straight on or slightly down. Keep up the good work, and keep improving. Love your website.

  412. Anonymous says:

    Love the video idea. (And loved my Marais Panache in May with the slideshow model. I looked at it randomly throughout the long New York winter, dreaming of Paris and Spring.)

  413. Carole Tobin says:

    Yes! I think a video such as this is the perfect way to give the experience of moving around and living in the apartment.

  414. Anonymous says:

    definitely would consider for next stay in Paris, depends on rate, which floor and if above 2nd floor whether there was a lift. The video tour is excellent as it gives perspective and shows all features – in cupboards, under kitchen bench etc

  415. Anonymous says:

    It makes it very clear to potential Renters exactly what is on offer when you have a video tour available for viewing.

  416. Magda says:

    It is a lovely flat

  417. Tom mitchell says:

    The photos are good…but the video is great! Yes, very helpful to prospective renters. Really helps the prospective renter to appreciate the spatial relationships of the property.

  418. Anonymous says:

    Video’s always good. Gives one a real feel for the property.

  419. Trudy Nelson says:

    I think the video is a brilliant idea, although photo’s are very good also. We are just disappointed that we had to cancel our week in the Marias Marvel because of ill health but hope we can make it in the future. Trudy Nelson

  420. Joan Nelson says:

    Nice place, and I liked the video. I get a better and cleared idea of the space.

  421. Anonymous says:

    I have not rented any of the apartments on offer by but I was interested in your business model. My opinion? To have a video is a more honest and truthful representation of the apartments on offer. Photos tend to glorify reality.

  422. Anonymous says:

    Great much better than stills.

  423. Ann Fulcher says:

    Beautiful apartment !! and YES it is very helpful to have a video of the apartments. It takes the guesswork out of what you are renting and shows exactly what your accommodation will be like. Can’t wait to come back to Paris and stay in one of your apartments..

  424. Daniel Monteverde says:

    Hello… I have not rented any of the apartments offered by but I was interested in this business model. A video is a honest and truthful representation of how the apartment really is, including dimensions. Photos tend to glorify reality.

  425. Christine Cass-Ryall says:

    Yes I think a video is a great addition.
    It gives a more accurate sense of room size, plus it helps see how the rooms interact with other and the flow of the apartment.


  426. Anonymous says:

    Bob jour, Alex,
    Wonderful place from which to explore Paris. Unfortunately, Paris is not on my travel list for next year, but someday I’ll find a way to spend two more weeks there.

  427. I really like this idea. A great way to actually see what the apartment really looks like instead of trying to visualize it from the paper layout.

  428. Kara says:

    I find pictures the best because I can scroll through efficiently. Please don’t get rid of still photos in favour of video.

  429. stephanie1947 says:

    Yes, I really like this idea. It allows one to see the actual layout instead of trying to visualize it from the paper layout.

  430. Sue says:

    The apartment is gorgeous….wish I could come and stay there.
    The video is better than the photos. I loved it.

  431. Sally says:

    Love the idea of the video. Your new Marais apartment looks lovely. My needs as a traveller are focused on the practicalities – amenities, particularly a shower that doesn’t flood the floor, laundry, good bed, proximity to food shops and metro.

  432. Peter Mingon says:


    Very effective and saw much more than in the pics. Very effective…..

  433. Amy Gibson says:

    At first I thought that the video would not be necessary, but after watching it, I think it adds dimension and depth and makes it easier to picture yourself in the apartment. Very beautiful!

  434. Karl Heisler (San Francisco, CA, USA) says:

    I would recommend the addition of video tours, but not at the expense of still photos. Each gives a perspective that the other cannot. -Thanks!

  435. Anonymous says:

    Grand idea to add in the video to accompany your lovely photos. Thank you for a wonderful website we will be visiting Paris again soo. And intend to stay in one of your fabulous apartments.
    Belinda Callaway.

  436. Jane McDermott says:

    Love the new place, congratulations. You certainly do ‘cosy’ very well ! Loved the video, but don’t think it’s necessary as you always provide plenty of photographs and a floor plan. If you proceed with the video, perhaps don’t need to see inside the kitchen cupboards, etc, and thus it would be a little shorter. All the best, Jane

  437. Anonymous says:

    Lovely apartment, cleverly designed and beautifully decorated; owners must be delighted.
    Video gives real sense of the space, although photos are always excellent as well.

  438. Lynne Moyer says:

    Much better than pics!

  439. Anonymous says:

    I was very impressed with the video, it gives a more thorough look at the apartment. What is the rental per week on this one and the address please ?

  440. Julie Thiompson says:

    This is a great idea – lets the renter see exactly what they are getting. Love the apartment!

  441. Lois taylor says:

    No need photos adequate

  442. Anonymous says:

    Dear Alex, love the idea of the video, it gives one a much better idea of what to expect. Unfortunately due to ill health we are not considering any trips in the near future, but you never know.! Where is Marais Nest?.
    Kind regards, Adrienne and Max Walters

  443. Joan Dransfield says:

    This is great. The video helps to you give you a much better idea of available space and also is able to show smaller details, sometimes not noticeable in “stills”. Well done

  444. Adienne and Max Walters says:

    Dear Alex, the video is a great idea, gives one a better idea of what to expect. Unfortunately we are not considering a trip to Paris just now, due to ill health, but you never know in the future. Where is Marais Nest?

  445. Anonymous says:

    I like the place very much. We are still planning to go to Paris in 2015 but are not sure of the date at this time. Several of the apartments you have shown me sleep 4-8 people which is way bigger than we need as we only need 1-2 bedrooms for my wife and I. But nice job on this place and I think there was only one bedroom and is in the area we like.

  446. Rod Baker-Clemas says:

    I thought your video was innovative and of excellent use particularly for those who travel very long distances to just arrive in France. In May 2012 we travelled from Auckland (NZ) to London and then later by Eurostar to Paris for a 3 week springtime stay in beautiful Paris. I booked accommodation on the internet with another company based on central location, price, services and the 2 photos supplied. We were very disappointed with what turned out to be a real “bug-house”, no servicing, and a very unpleasant woman owner with an unbelievably rude Gallic attitude. She would not even attempt to speak a sentence in English and pretended she did not understand my French. My phoned concerns to head office were ignored as was my later email messaging. Amazing! And we owned an award winning Bed & Breakfast business in NZ for several years – so we knew all about achieving high hospitality standards!

  447. Hanson Brian says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to view, it is very nice apartment , it looks spotless and seems to be well equipped. regards Brian & Marie

  448. Sharron Herberty says:

    Wow! Looks great, although the photos are very good too. The video gives a better perspective of size.

  449. Susan Spencer says:

    It’s a lovely apartment. The short video is a good idea and would be appreciated by those looking to rent.

  450. Mary Helen Boag says:

    Video is a good idea, this new place looks very good, position is good too.

  451. Sarah says:

    Looks beautiful and a comfortable place to stay

  452. Susan Schmidt says:

    We would enjoy videos of the apartments, but would like you to keep the still photos as well!

  453. Daniel OMINSKI says:

    Photo’s yes and video also.. VIDEO gives a better perspective of size in 3D

  454. Heather Malacari says:

    Video tour was great
    See a lot more of the apartment .
    Get a real feel for what it is like.
    May be a view out the window next time

  455. Curt Kiest says:

    Video tour of any Paris rental should become the new standard. Eliminates any ambiguities, shows off the property well. We stayed in Marais Chic this past spring and I made an iPhone video to showcase to our friends. A real hit. Stills are still nice, including the plan of the apt. and a detailed locator map.

  456. Anonymous says:

    A good way to get the feel of an apartment before committing to its rental

  457. This is an excellent way of getting more of a feel of the place. The photos also are great but the walkaround gives you that spatial concept of the reality of the unit.
    It has obviously been done in a quality manner. Everything looks like it is there that one would need.

  458. Karenr Robinson says:

    It’s lovely the new apartment but still love the apartment we stayed in at Eiffel Park in 2011. It was bliss. The video idea is great but music hmmm not my choice..

  459. Anonymous says:

    I think the video is useful but not essential. We rely more on feedback from previous renters and the opinion of the office staff after we have told them our requirements.
    Kerry Lanza

  460. iain says:

    A very good idea but perhaps a little less like a “home movie”

  461. Richard Hull says:

    This apartment has a distinctive Alex Wagner look; its furnishings were of the same general style as our rental on Ile St. Louis. Above all, I have found A La Carte Paris to be honest in its presentation. For that reason, I would suggest showing a direct view out the window, even if it is less than spectacular. I realize that company policy is to keep the exact location a secret until an engagement is made but a direct view from the window, good or bad, would be in keeping with the company’s reputation for honest representation.

  462. susan says:

    Good to start with but I thought it was way too long, I got bored! I think the photos are enough for me. I’ve stayed at your gorgeous apartments many times and will continue to do so in the future. I like facts eg bed size, what level the apartments on, and good photography. Also the location map is vital!!!

  463. Lorraine young says:

    Hi, Firstly, we loved the Marais area when we stayed last year. It was quiet, safe and central. We think the video is much more informative and gives greater perspective, so our vote is for the video. Kind regards, Lorraine & Brian, Australia

  464. Lynley Walters says:

    Alex, I really enjoyed seeing the apartment, as if I were actually there. I would absolutely encourage you to do the same for all your available apartments. It’s always reassuring to see what you’re about to rent in advance. Makes for a relaxed start to your holiday.

  465. Darryl Burrow says:

    Videos of apartments are a great idea. This particular apartment looks excellent, but then again the one we rented 12 months ago [ Marais Delight ] was as good as the photos so there was no problem not having one either.
    Having said that, the company first into the market with videos will have stolen a march on the competition, so go for it.

  466. Glenys Tesch says:

    The video is a great tool for those owners who wish to add it to the profile of their property.

  467. jane holmes says:

    Brilliant! tasteful decor, simple yet quality elegance, not overdone or gaudy.
    French doors are always a winner!.
    Quality linens.. a must,
    bathroom looks compact yet quite serviceable
    fingers crossed I get to experience this wonderful apartment.

  468. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful idea! Go for it! Regards. Mary

  469. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely amazing. Someone has thought of everything! Such a small space and yet everything has a place. You should be very proud of this apartment.

  470. anne webster says:

    superb apartment

  471. Anonymous says:

    beautiful apartment, what a great idea, yes would love to see accommodation before booking

  472. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful way to show the apartment!

  473. Craig Martin says:

    The video is good, although I don’t think essential. Certainly gives a different perspective to photos.

  474. Casimir says:

    Yes, I think the video adds value to the presentation of the apartment. I agree with one of the comments above, that a view from the window should be added.

  475. Carmel DellaTorre says:

    Great to watch the video as you are able to view the apartment far more than photos. Good work and fantastic apartment as always .

  476. Julie Ede says:

    I liked the video, although not essential. Your photos are always top quality, and give a good overview. Beautiful apartment in a great location.

  477. Denny Rosey says:

    Great idea. One gets a very good idea of the space & set-up.

  478. Jeff DeVanzo says:

    I really enjoyed the video, I think it gives a better view of the apartment . The pictures make the apartment look bigger than it is. I know the apartments are not big nor do I expect them to be. After all when you are visiting Paris, how much time are you rally in the room. I think the 3 minutes is a great time, it really shows off the apartment. I am not sure you could convey all of the information in a shorter video. Great idea, looking forward to more vidoes, so we can make our decision for our trip next December.

  479. Jane Love says:

    This video is lovely. I think they are a great idea. But I do agree with others that your photos have always been beautifully done. A video on the neighborhood would definitely help make the choice.

  480. Arlene Polangin says:

    Do like video idea, but got over 525 comments from others in my email. Therefore, I don’t want the comments of others (tried to unsubscribe for just comments of others) but do want your emails.

  481. Mary K Maroney says:

    Although the photos do a nice job showcasing the apartment, the video adds another dimension to “being there” by presenting a better idea of the space and details.

  482. Pamela Knap says:

    The video is a nice touch, but the photos and, especially, the floor plans, give such a good view of the apartments that a video is not really necessary. Some of the information that responders asked for in the video can be found in the apartment descriptions, such as whether the windows face the street or a courtyard, if there is an elevator, etc. It is wonderful that you are always trying to improve our viewer experience, but if the videos are at a great expense, I wouldn’t bother.

  483. Jeff says:

    The video gives a larger view in real time and can cover more area. Allows others to pause on specific areas to get a better idea of space. Great job!

  484. mmarkroy53 says:

    The video is a nice add on to the marketing of the apartment.

  485. Anonymous says:

    Video adds a greater sense of size/depth.

  486. PATTY F says:


  487. Louise pearson says:

    Nice, but don’t forget that we would like to see the floors, and perhaps the view from the window.

  488. Anonymous says:

    Video is nice but I prefer the photos. Floor plan layout is important, making sure rooms are sized would be nice. Making sure info includes things like elevators, what floor, etc.

  489. Anonymous says:

    I found the video to be very well done. I felt as if I could truly get the feel of the apartment and the amenities that it included. Seeing outside through the window shots, inside the kitchen cabinets, the laundry facilities, and walking from room to room achieved this for me. Your group has really been creating wonderful properties.
    Sandy Kirkwood
    U.S. A.

  490. Elisabeth Price says:

    The video is excellent. It gives a real feeling of a walk-through. However, I have found most listings with photos quite adequate to make a choice. I don’t think it’s urgent to make a video for every apartment, but a good idea to make one when you are revising or updating a listing.

  491. Anonymous says:

    Very nice. The video was helpful but not essential.Through google earth I could see the neighborhood. It is a long walk to the metro.

    1. Ellen A. says:

      Actually, rue du Bourg Tibourg is only about 8 minutes walk to the metro at Hotel de Ville (Line 1, the tourist’s best friend), or you can catch busses on rue des Archives, rue de Rivoli or rue des Francs-Bourgeois that take you to many of the most fascinating parts of the city. This section of the 4th arrondissement is one of the most charming neighborhoods of Paris, and is so full of boutiques, bakeries, cafes and characters that you will never tire as you walk. It is that entertaining.

  492. Dell Felder says:

    Loved the video

  493. Andrew Thomas says:

    I thought the video was great, and very informative. Nice to see inside the cabinets. Very cool apartment – my only change would be to leave the wood ceiling beams in natural wood. I would prefer to see videos of all of the available apartments going forward…

  494. Anonymous says:

    Like the video, could be shorter and I would not do the video in lieu of photographs. I think both are a very nice touch, and some folks might not have time to really peruse the video, so photos can be a great quick look at the rentals.

  495. Francine Grantowitz says:

    I do believe the video added to the allure of the apartment which was beautiful. Seeing the view from the window(s) would have been a good idea; otherwise, the video was most enticing.

  496. Toni says:

    A very nice touch..however, photos of apartments are sufficient as long as they are as presented true to form. I know A La Carte does pride themselves in this policy. Last year I rented a Latin Quarter apartment from a very well established website..the pictures did not accurately represent the condition of the apartment at all. The landlord was very accommodating and someone was always on the premises to be of assistance. I will rent from A La Carte on the basis of good faith the pictures are current and accurate. This is a beautiful Maris home.

  497. John Jones says:

    I like it and will consider renting an apt. the next time we’re in Paris. However the kitchen will be secondary since I don’t want to miss out on the french restaurants.

  498. Beatrice Girard says:

    The video is an excellent addition; it really walks you into the apartment allowing for a complete experience of its comfort and beauty. Great job guys!

  499. Anonymous says:

    Should we scroll through hundreds of comments to get to the Comment box? Anyway I prefer the photos option… you can time your examination of various details.

  500. Kathy Richer says:

    The video is a helpful addition to the photos to help with getting a better perspective of room size. Photos of the specific ‘district’ would be good too. Keep up the excellent work… We always recommend you!

  501. Anna Sutton says:

    Dear Alex,
    The video is a wonderful idea. many people need the visual to make a decision. I am thinking of
    coming for Christmas and will contact you. I also passed your website on to my brother as he
    will be visiting soon. Excellent job!

  502. Domenic says:

    I really like the video. It provides a perspective that cannot be captured in photos. As always thanks for the great customer service.

    1. Arlene POLANGIN says:

      Please delete my getting all the opinions on the video. I love it and emailed that but 500+ a day opinions is ridiculous ! I want the newsletter only : NO OPINION From OTHERS please ! Thank you, kindly. Best regards, Arlene Polangin

      Sent from my iPhone


      1. Hi Arlene, We hear your cries and are trying to fix it! Thank you!

      2. Arlene Polangin says:

        Thank you so very much for “hearing my cries” r not wanting all those other many opinions and for trying to fix it.
        Thank you very kindly with best regards,
        Arlene Polangin

  503. Arlene Polangin says:

    Please stop sending me all the comments from people regarding use of the video. I only want to receive emails about apartments which may or may not have videos. I like them but do not like getting 10 or 500+comments which I got today !!

    1. Hi Arlene,

      Seems to be a glitch in our system and we are working hard to get it fixed!

  504. Anonymous says:

    Enjoyed the video, opening of the cupboards good idea, you are able to see what is available, ie washing machine, cleaning equipment etc.

  505. David Nagy (John D. Nagy) says:

    Well, obviously, everyone says “Yes, please!” to the video idea and I can’t disagree. Its surely an addition and, in the U.S. frame of reference, pretty standard in real estate marketing. So, go for it … but I’d add two things, as an a la carte Paris fan: Its not absolutely necessary since your apartment Websites are already vivid and explicit; I’m a Saint Germaine Romance devotee and the photo gallery there, plus the supporting text, is excellent. Second, what finally sells your flats over the competition (and I have some experience of that) is your utterly professional staff, led by Katy. They are terrific. They cut through crap (pardon my English) and help one out in a direct, businesslike, human manner. Need I say more? I will: Of all the bookers of anything I’ve ever dealt with, Katy’s the best.
    David Nagy, Fairfax, Virginia

  506. Anonymous says:

    I love the video.

  507. Shirley Kalf says:

    Dear Alex,
    I agree with the previous comments. The video is a great idea and would love to see other properties also on video. Hoping to visit Paris next July.

  508. Gordon Smith says:

    The video is the way to go. It gives a better appreciation of size of rooms than just photos. Well done.

    1. Alice Lahnstein says:

      I like the video

  509. Cathy says:

    Alex, I would be happy with either. The apartment I rented from you was exactly as the photos showed. The video will be more helpful when/if I am choosing to buy rather than rent.
    Another fantastic looking apartment.

  510. Karyn Barbati says:

    The video is a good idea as it provides a more realistic guide to the size of the apartment. I wouldn’t get rid of the photos however. I like the idea of having a neighbourhood video as it is useful to know what is nearby.

  511. Anonymous says:

    Great way to show apartments.

  512. John Hardy says:

    The video is very helpful. It shows scale and the relationship of the various elements of the apartment, one to the other, in a way that individual photographs can never do. It’s a great marketing tool. Congratulations!

  513. Nancy says:

    The video is an excellent supplement to the photos depicting the apartment. The video shows the overall traffic flow of the apartment, a detail which oftentimes is not evident from photographs. This is a great complement to an already-superior website. Great idea, fellows!

  514. bodner lawrence says:

    Great marketing tool.Gives a better over all feeling than still pictures.

  515. Valerie & Alison Barton says:

    Interesting and enjoyable video showing unique perspective of this property which will most likely be very popular. I agree with an earlier post that the music selection, while a pleasing piece, was out of place. I am sure one of your capable staff will find the right musical score to accompany this attractive apartment. Very clean looking, pleasing arrangements of furnishings that abound with newness and function and purpose.
    However, I would miss a larger bathroom with a large bathtub to soak in after a day of walking. My daughter & I fell in love with the Elysees Modern suite of rooms, which was tailor made for us. One could use the powder room when readying to depart, the heavy drapes over the bedroom’s window allowed sleeping late with no disturbance and the second television was used every evening to relax with.
    This video was very helpful in distinguishing size and dimensions accurately but would never replace photographs. You have my loyalty, since our stay this past May was fantastic and soo memorable that now my daughter wishes for me to pursue ownership in your fair and beautiful city!!
    Keep up the good work, you and your staff are spot on with meeting your renter’s needs.

  516. Bill Guest says:

    The video shows the frig–dishwasher—in a way the photo could not. If hotels do this for a stay of one night why not do this for a week or more. And yes the quarter is very important for the visitor.
    The mood of the street, the light coming the window— these things are what Paris dreams are made of.

  517. Byron Peck says:

    slides are fine video not needed

  518. joseph crawshaw says:

    I like the idea of having both — still pics and video — expands the experience and ambience of the apartment and its locale

  519. Jim Cannon says:

    Slides often work but this took any question of what the unit is away. Especially the unusual features like the laundry and dishwasher. (It even gave me some ideas that I want to incorporate at home.) I would like to have seen a few views from the window and the outside of the building. Not necessary but a great addition. I would not do it instead of slides.

  520. Love the idea of the videos, and definitely want to stay on your mailing list for when we ever make it back to Paris…

  521. Jane Grolnick Moss says:

    The video is a wonderful idea.

  522. Susan says:

    Yes to the video. I would prefer narration highlighting the many features, in English of course, instead of music. I like the longer length also. I watched the whole thing and didn’t think it was too long. I’m from the USA so a trip to Paris is a big deal and the more information I have, the more my mind is at ease with going ahead and taking the chance and booking the apartment.

  523. Gary Perosin says:

    Nice tour, I believe this gives a more honest appraisal of the apartment than photos do, a far better sense of what to expect. A quick view out the window or a shot of the street would also be good.
    Thank you

  524. Roy Collinson says:

    I prefer the video as it gives more detail – no hunting in the description details for that all important washing machine or whether there is a closet to hang your clothes. Narration is not important – the video shows all and there is no question as to what you are seeing. A street shot and neighbourhood reveal would be good, but not if it adds more to the cost of the rental. I live in Australia and a trip to Paris is very expensive-not to mention the nightmare of plane travel itself. I don’t want any unexpected/unpleasant surprises once I reach my destination.

    comments from Nancy

  525. Anonymous says:

    While the video is a nice supplement, I still contend that a street-side view and a panorama of the actual location is of greater value to me.

  526. Anonymous says:

    The video is a fantastic addition. I think incorporating street/building view of the location would be a good idea. I think the view from the apartment is a necessity as well.

    1. Alice Lahnstein says:

      Video is good!

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