What has Paris bid to the UNESCO World Heritage list?

When clients book, they often ask about where to find the best views in Paris: open rooftops featuring hangouts, or bars and restaurants have been in growing popularity. The Pompidou boasts the minimal artistic rooftop restaurant George and the recent renovation of the BHV department store has added a rustic-chic rooftop bar called le Perchoir Marais, which was very popular among the hip Parisians this summer – both are marvelous places to watch the city from above as the sun begins to set. To discover more, here is a list of popular rooftops.

Why would I bring this up you ask?

Well, it is because of a campaign to put Paris’ rooftops on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sights, which would join only the banks of the Seine {currently the only title Paris owns}. Surprising to some, but mayor of the 9th arrodissement, Delphine Bürkli, believes there is a lot of potential to further boost their attractiveness and explains she had the idea before she was an elected official.  Now, with the support of the Mairie of Paris, an application seems is well on its way, amid continued debate.


Some might call it an odd initiative, but then again these rooftops and their patchwork of zinc and slate tones, have long been a source of inspiration for artists like Vincent Van Gogh and film directors like François Truffaut, famous for the sixties film Stolen Kisses.


For tourists, it goes without saying, thousands have made the trek to Montmartre as well as the top of the Pompidou just to see the breath taking view of the city from above with its famous silhouettes and grey rooftops.

At A La Carte Paris, we think that the strictly controlled palette of greys (rooftops and tarmac) and beiges (classic carved stone facades) truly is a defining feature of the city.

What do you think? Are the Paris’ rooftops worthy of inclusion on UNESCO’s World Heritage list? Let me know in the comments below…

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