Two New Paris Apartments Available to Rent

We’re very excited to bring you 2 new central-Paris apartments that are now available for short term rental.  Do note that both are under a welcome special of a -20% discount for any weekly booking taken within the month of November 2014 for any stay dates; so do read on…

MaraisTraditionBlogThis charming 1-bedroom apartment enjoys a particularly fine and central location in Paris’ historic Marais district. Stepping out the apartment door you will be greeted with the narrow Marais streets lined with typical cafes, tasty restaurants, and fashionable boutiques.

 Here you can see more photos, specifications, and availability of the Marais Tradition.


This newly renovated 1-bedroom apartment is located in the fashionable 7th district, just steps from the Eiffel Tower. This romantic location features café lined boulevards and open markets that are sure to make your mouth water.

 Here you can see more photos, specifications, and availability of the Eiffel View.

Contact Katy at For more information or to book these lovely apartments

and don’t forget :

we’re offering you a Welcome Special for both apartments of a -20% discount for any weekly booking taken within month of November 2014 for any stay dates.

I’d love to hear what you think about these 2 new apartments by using the “Comment” link below.

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  1. Linda Hollander says:

    Alex, My first thought about the apartments is that they are so light and airy looking, which is a big plus. They seem central and convenient. I’d always rather stay in an apartment than a hotel, maily due to the fact that I often travel alone, for library research and am too tired to face eating alone at night. With all the incredible feood available, I am happiest when I’m tucked in with a chicken and a nice glass of wine than fighting over the next tourist hotspot.
    Here’s my criticism: the apartments seem, fronm the photographs, a little “cold”. Perhaps it’s because tey are mod/minimal, but from the photos, I’d suggest dome “decoratorwarm-up”…a throw over a chair, BIG pillows on the couches. a vignette on the table, with a full tablecloth AS WELL AS placemats, things like that. Not clutter…decor. also, the decor is too “young” for a luxury vibe…it’s very IKEA looking. If you are going to charge a luxury rate, you need luxury furniture and Scandinavian modern is not it.

    That’s my two cents…I hope it helps. If you need a decorator…let me know, I’m always happy to zhuzzzz!

    Linda HOllander

  2. Wieslaw Merkel says:

    I am not a Frenchman, or a francophile. If you advertise an apartment as “Eiffel view”, and I get there and find out i can’t actually see the Eiffel Tower from my apartment, I’m going to be mightily pissed off (pardon my French).

  3. Ellen A. says:

    It is quite easy to “warm up” an apartment with some flowers, some flea market purchases you will be taking home, and perhaps a tablecloth. I personally like the clean, spare look of the Marais apartment very much. It is neither too masculine, nor too feminine. Rue Roi de Sicile is one of my favorite streets in the Marais, along with rue Francois Miron. Reasonable rental prices, even without the 20% November discount!

  4. Tiffany says:

    The 2 new apartments look great! Neat, clean, and new. They also have some charm to them. What a great location the Marias apt is in. I wish I could be in Paris this November! We stayed in one of your apartments the November before last…what a great time. I would only recommend renting an apartment for anyone traveling to Paris!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Linda, they do seem a little cold and chintzy as far as decor. I have rented several apartments in Paris and this is as important to me as location. We enjoy shopping at local markets and patisseries for dining in or at least breakfast so want some ambiance. This is why I am willing to pay more and I expect something for it!

  6. Sandra says:

    Marais looks wonderful! Eiffel looks more suited to a quick overnight stay. I would not like to try and relax in those spindly looking chairs for more than just a quick breakfast!

  7. Lynn Green says:

    Good morning…. I would like more information on costs and availability of these apartments. Especially with the 20 percent introductory reduction in price.
    Looking to book for 5 days,from April 15-20, 2015.
    Lynn G

    1. Hi Lynn,

      Please contact Katy, our booker, at and she will be happy to assist you!

      Thanks, Alex

  8. Julie Brandon says:

    Hi Alex. I think your new apartments look great, just what every traveller needs, and very Parisian! We (two couples from Australia) stayed in two of your Marais apartments a couple of years ago. We absolutely adored the apartments, so much better than a hotel. I must say so much thought went into the apartments, everything we could possibly need was supplied, the apartments were beautifully furnished and very comfortable. They just felt like a home away from home. We loved them so much that we have booked again for next July, and have requested our same apartments! However, it must be said that the best part about booking with your company is your wonderful service, and fantastic staff. Your attention to detail is incredible. Your “Meet & Greet” is superb, it really made the difference, we felt secure in knowing our local area, and we felt assured of having backup in case of any problem. We also used one of your drivers to return to the airport, and he was punctual and efficient. Katy deserves special mention, she is so friendly and helpful, and just a joy to deal with – really the main reason we were more than happy to use your company again. Best of all, it is so refreshing to deal with someone you trust. I happily recommend your company to any of our friends travelling to Paris. Thank you for making our accommodation choice in Paris so easy.

    1. Hi Julie,

      So happy we will be able to welcome you back to Paris soon – I will be sure to let Katy and the team know your kind words.

  9. Sari says:

    I think both new places look great. I will be a return customer again next year so am seriously considering. i appreciate the advance information as well as the 20% discount!

  10. Lynelle says:

    My only question is are these 2 apartments owner managed or is the stay managed throughout by AlacarteParis? – my concern after my recent visit! However, they both look great!

    1. Hi ‘Book Addict’ –

      Both apartments are managed my A La Carte Paris.

      Kindest regards, Alex

  11. C.G. Lyons says:

    Both apartments look great, but the walkup with no elevator would not work for us…I am 80 and my wife is 76. the Eiffel View would suite us fine and looks like a very nice apartment, even if it is on the sixth floor. With the elevator (working) that would be no problem and should provide a great view over Paris roofs.

  12. Karyn Barbati says:

    Both apartments look great – of the two my preference would be for the Marais apartment. It just looks a bit more comfortable and has a warmer feel to it.. My family stayed in the Marais district this year and had a wonderful time. Looking forward to returning to Paris and will use A La Carte Paris again.

  13. Wendi says:

    Hi Alex I cannot wait to come back,thinking I might try the Marais apartment this time,loved left bank Eiffel on my last trip.Your apartments are exquisite keep up the good work.

  14. They both look nice. A personal point of view, I prefer the modern Eiffel view apartment to the traditional Marais apartment. De gustibus.

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