New Free Report: “The 4 Keys to Successfully Choosing A Great Paris Vacation Apartment”

Booking a Paris apartment rental can sometimes feel like an act of faith.

Especially when you’re several thousand miles away, and even more so if you don’t know the agency or apartment owner…

You’re spending a lot of money and, just as importantly, your Paris stay is one of the very few times you get to take time off and relax.

So your Paris stay simply HAS TO be successful, and choosing the right apartment rental largely conditions that success.

Because you will turn the key in the door. And then…

And then, one of two things can happen: you will either instantly get a good feeling… or a bad one.

I’ve heard a lot of horror stories, which is why for a couple of years now I have wanted to use my 12 years experience of Paris accommodation to write a report to help you make a better informed choice.

Urgent work commitments always got in the way, until I recently set aside the time to write and finish this report.

So, if you are currently considering a short-term apartment rental for your Paris vacation, then you have found THE report that you need to read.

Click to get instant access to “The 4 Keys” free report.



I consider “The 4 Keys” report to be a work in progress, that I will be regularly updating and improving thanks to your feedback.

So please do comment below:
– what you think of the report?
– do you think it is useful to Paris travelers?
– how might I improve the next edition?

Happy reading, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Alex Wagner

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Thanks for this guide, Alex. I have stayed in two apartments that were booked for me by someone else and neither was ideal. I hope to return for my 5th trip to Paris next year and will definitely contact you. I love your newsletter and seeing all the wonderful apartments you have available. xx

    1. Thanks for your feedback and I look forward to having you as a guest.

  2. Gordon Gibbons says:

    My wife and I decided to try renting an apartment in Paris as opposed to a hotel. We were very impressed by the interaction with A La Carte …. very prompt responses to emails. The advice regarding location in Central Paris was ‘spot on’. We rented an apartment on Rue Montorgueil and all the comments (restaurants, shops, attractions, etc.) from A La Carte were very true. Rue Montorgueil was a very active area. The comments from Alex. W. regarding the Marche aux Puces in the south at Porte de Vanves on Sat. and Sun. were very appropriate … we had a great time. The advice Alex W. gives regarding ‘choosing an apartment’ etc. are very helpful and relevant.
    Thank-you very much …. we will be back in contact with A La Carte next time in Paris.

    1. Hi Gordon and thanks for your feedback.
      Yes, rue Montorgueil is a very attractive area of central Paris that most Paris visitors don’t know about. I’m not sure why it’s off many people’s radar, because it has all the ingredients and checks all the boxes, but that just makes it all the more authentic. 🙂

  3. Sue B Bains says:

    A greatly detailed report that should be invaluable. We have booked a week in the spring and are looking forward to our stay. We have been to Paris many times, staying at lovely hotels, but thought we would enjoy living like a local. Everyone at A La Carte has been most helpful, we are expecting a wonderful week.

    1. Good to hear that you’re going to try an apartment Sue. I’m sure you’ll like it! Thanks.

  4. pat ALLER says:

    The new brochure is very useful. Your lists of desirable, vital traits & conditions is helpful, especially for one has traveled in youth & older age, pockets not too expanded but comfortable. Your stress on the possible differences between guests & host (agencies) is important. In fact, maybe I’ll make my Manhattan abode (for myself only) more inviting. Merci.

  5. Glad the report is helpful to you Pat.

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