Discover the 4 most popular apartments of 2014

After analyzing our 2014 year, I thought I would share which of our apartments
were the most popular among our guests during the past year.

Here is the Top 4 of 2014:

(drum roll please)

Marais Gem

Marais Gem – 76% occupancy
St Germain Orsay – 73% occupancy
St Germain Elegance – 72% occupancy
Eiffel Rue Cler – 71% occupancy

Looking at the photos on the website, although each apartment is different and unique, maybe you can see a common theme arising…

Eiffel rue Cler

The common theme consists of contemporary yet classic design, with a controled palette of colors, many detail touches, and a warm feel that welcomes you in as you open the door. I guess that’s what makes our apartments Parisian homes, and not just rentals.

I hear from Katy that bookings are picking up very strongly this January, as many people start organizing their coming year.

So to ensure your first choice of apartment, including the most popular ones, do book soon.

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  1. anna uribe says:


    I have a question. We have rented the Eiffel View apartment in Paris in April. I see that your Eiffel Rue Cler apartment is one of your more popular apartments in 2014. Looking at all your apartments in the Eiffel Tower area the View is the most expensive and yet one of the smallest apartments, would you tell me why the big difference in price compared to all the other apartments you have in this area even a two bedroom apartment. Just inquiring. Thank you.

    Anna Uribe

    1. Hi Anna,

      Since we work with apartment owners, each apartment rate ranges in consideration of the owner’s needs. Also, you must take in consideration that the apartment Eiffel Rue Cler as been on our books for about 1.5 years while the apartment Eiffel View was just added in recent months.


    2. Hello Anna,

      I just wanted to update the answer to your question. We are in the process of updating our website and the pricing option is a bit different – so there was confusion about your question but there was also a typo/mistake with the pricing of Eiffel View. You are right, the apartment is smaller so it is cheaper even if it is newer.
      So in short there was a mistake on the price of Eiffel View as we are in the process of a new website and that it’s been corrected. Thanks for your understanding.

  2. 333libby says:

    Hi Alex
    Not surprised to see St Germain Orsay as one of the top 4, we stayed there in Dec 2012 and found it a wonderful base for exploring Paris. The neighbourhood with galleries and interesting shops was intriguing and the amenities in the apartment just what we required. Do hope we can come back to Paris soon.
    Libby, Melbourne. Australia

  3. Anonymous says:

    FYI, as someone who is browsing your site and trying to pick apartments to rent, I wanted to relay a few things from the perspective of a renter. In regards to your trying to figure out commonalities for your more popular rentals, as a potential renter, some of the things I am considering are: is there a nice comfortable table and chair for me to do work at a laptop? what does the toilet or shower look like (is it too cramped)? Does the bedroom face the street, and thus is noisy? Presence of clothes washer? I particularly like your apartment layout diagrams.

    Also, please use a “title” tag for your webpages, because as I loaded different apartments into different tabs on my internet browser, I kept re-loading the same apartments and kept getting confused which apartments I looked at already, because I couldn’t see the names in the tabs! Please have your web designer fix this.

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