As Promised: Full Video Tours Of The Apartments

Last fall I made a short apartment video clip for investor clients who could not be in Paris for the unveiling of their new Paris apartment, Marais Nest.

The owners were delighted with the video clip, which got me thinking – is this something our rental clients would like as well?

After a quick blog post to ask your opinion (which can be seen here) the response was amazingly positive! Over night, we had hundreds of positive comments, excited clients, and the most traffic any of our blog posts has ever received! Talk about a landslide vote of confidence!

So we diligently got to work and you can now view professionally filmed and edited videos of 3/4 of our apartments (the rest will follow soon).

As you can hear, each video features a running commentary by me explaining what sets the apartment out from others.

While a couple of competing agencies do offer so-called “virtual tours“, those are basically just animated photographs. I’m very proud to say that A La Carte Paris is the FIRST AND ONLY Paris rental website offering full HD video tours.

Our clients live far from Paris, so it is very important that the apartments be represented as accurately as possible, so that guests may feel confident about what they are booking. Although photos can be flattering, video is brutally honest and cannot lie. We feel that A La Carte Paris offers the finest selection of Paris apartments on the web, so we have nothing to hide and everything to gain in being fully transparent.

Do share your thoughts and impressions in the comment box below.
What do you think of the new video tours?

25 Comments Add yours

  1. Gary says:

    Loved the video and the pictures. Your commentary is very helpful. I hope one year to rent an apartment for a month. Please keep me on your list.

  2. Sari says:

    I had already booked my apartment for August so the video did not impact on my decision however it was such a delight to have a “preview” of the apartment and know how everything is put together. I know I can see this from the plan and photographs but the actual walk through was just delightful.

  3. C Harrison says:

    Well done Alex. We have stayed in two of your apartments to date, both of which measured up to our expectations. The video will be useful for first time visitors and regulars needing a “fix”.
    All the best
    10th March 2015

  4. Marcia Judson says:

    The video is a wonderful addition to your website. I must compliment you on your camera work, not easy indoors. Nice to see the details of the kitchen up close. Also a video is like walking through. Enhances the still photos. I believe A La Carte Paris is great on many levels and certainly enjoyed my week in the beautiful St. Germain Orsay with my friend and her daughter. Katy met all our needs and I think (after five trips to Paris) Rue de Verneuil might be my favorite little street in the city. Telling my friends in California about A La Carte and your great work.

  5. 1 video = 1 apartment, or did I miss something?

  6. Dwight Weidenhamer says:

    The apartments are stunning. Truly a one of a kind view. The interiors have been done very nicely, and they have paid attention to every detail. How wonderful it would be to stay there while visiting Paris. Well done Alex!

  7. Peter Bruyn says:

    We have booked an apartment for July (unfortunately only for 7 nights!!), the videos do give a clearer insight into the conditions of the apartments. Very well presented.

  8. Kris says:

    I really like the video well done Alex the tours will help when I refer friends to you which I do all the time & having the video will be great for them to have a look at. Oh I so need to visit Paris again & watching the video just reminds me on how lovely the city is.

  9. carolanne says:

    loved the video, these videos will help you rent your apartments, well done x

  10. Linda Bennett says:

    I love the video; but more than that, I love the apartment. I think it would be my first choice for a visit which I hope will be sometime next year.

  11. Your unique videos are marvelous and provide prospective renters a clear view of your beautifully appointed and impeccable apartments. I enjoyed your detailed commentaries, Alex, especially the tour of the Marais and Beaubourg neighborhoods! It’s most helpful to know exactly where a property is located as well as the landmarks, museums, shops, restaurants and bars in the immediate area. It’s also a huge bonus that your apartments are all centrally located.
    I’ll recommend A La Carte Paris to my friends who are considering renting an apartment in Paris for their next vacation.

  12. Nick Lyles says:

    Alex, having stayed in one of your apartments I felt that the video is an excellent way for a first time renter to see what your agency has to offer. Many people know and are suspicious of flattering angles and other photo trickery. Your video shows it like it is – a wonderful slice of Paris! The experience was so great that I can’t think of anyone else that I’d entrust a Paris vacation with.

  13. Julie says:

    I am looking forward even more than ever to my first stay in one of your apartments, made real by a video tour. Well done!

  14. Sheila says:

    How do you enter to the building and reach the appartment ?. Is there stairs or elavator?. Also how much space is around the bed, many of us who travel are part of the aging population who now spend their money travelling, “these need to know ” are very important.
    Hope for further info.
    Have walker will travel!!!
    Yours aye. Sheila

  15. Chantal says:

    Very well done, Alex!! I love the improvements you all keep making to your site….I can’t wait until our next trip, and I know without a doubt we will be renting with you again!

  16. cindy rogers says:

    Love the video! It really makes one excited about renting an apartment from Paris A La Carte! It would be interesting if you would also include a little bit of “neighborhood” footage, if you can without giving away too much regarding the location. Loved the window views of Paris.

  17. Excellent presentation, and I liked hearing a man’s voice as the narrator. Elegantly done. This is much better than simple photos. Makes me yearn for Paris again. A few shots of local stores in the area would be a nice addition, to get the feel of the neighborhood.

  18. Sheila D. Jackson says:

    I love the video! This is a wonderful way for people to see the apartment and the view outside of the window. I look forward to seeing the rest of the videos.
    Sheila D.

  19. Barbara says:

    Well done. I love the tiny dishwasher and how compact and complete the kitchens are.

  20. maureen evans says:

    Perfect presentation Alex, just enough information to keep the video interesting and at a clear , even pace. For my family we need also to know if there is integrated air conditioning as when we stayed in May/June last year it was very humid.
    Next year we hope to visit again for one month and will look forward to viewing your apartments.

  21. Terri says:

    The video of the view from the apartment is magical!! You get a strong sense of the Paris vibe.
    Well done,

  22. maureen evans says:

    Hello Alex. Some months ago we discussed the subject of air-conditioning and I would like to ask for a list of apartments that have this facility. This means not having to search through all those beautiful apartments that do not . Good luck with your new website , the video I have viewed is excellent.

  23. Dawn says:

    Video viewing of apartments provides much more clarity and perception of the unit. This additional feature to your website is quite an enhancement. Thanks for being so responsive to audience input.

  24. Anonymous says:

    What is the price for this rental? The video was fabulous.

  25. joarty1 says:

    Great idea! Lovely apartment.

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