Low Euro Exchange Rates Make That Paris Vacation Much More Affordable

That Parisian vacation you have been dreaming about might be coming sooner than you thought.

In case you haven’t been closely following the financial press, the euro is currently at a 12 year low against other currencies.

euro-us-dollar_400It looks like we are not the only ones who have picked up on this trend according to the Washington Post:

“Next summer is looking like the best time to take that European vacation you’ve been thinking about. That’s because the euro has already fallen to a 12-year low of $1.06, and should keep falling for at least another year. In fact, it shouldn’t be long until the dollar is worth more.”

The Fiscal Times even published a list of how to take advantage of this 12 year low, of course, the first being to start planning for your vacation now.

804fe2844cbe310ad35d0347526e5539If you think about it, by traveling with stronger currency against the euro, you’re getting a huge discount off ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you do or buy while traveling – accommodation, restaurants, visits, shopping…

Now that you know a trip to Paris hasn’t been this affordable for the last 12 years, maybe the time has come to treat yourself to a cafe on a Parisian terrace? Or something much more indulgent… Isn’t it great when the nicest treats are also economically reasonable?

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