Enjoying What Briefly Seemed Impossible


The featured cover story from the New Yorker, due to hit newsstands next week, is “Paris, November 2015” – we couldn’t help but agree with the Parisian artist Charles Berberian:

“The day after the attacks, Saturday, it was so calm here. … No one was in the streets. This week though, people are back out. The joke going around is: ‘No terrorist can stop me from paying the premium to have my café at a terrasse.’ It feels nice just to sit down and enjoy what briefly seemed impossible to enjoy again.”

Although the past events have had an affect on us all and there surely is a nostalgic sense of lost innocence, the typical day to day life in Paris has bloomed once again.  Those comforts of enjoying the city we love have definitely returned. We thank all our contacts from across the globe that have reached out to the team in the past weeks and wish everyone a stress-free preparation for the coming holidays. In the spirit of the American Thanksgiving holiday, this is something to truly be grateful for.

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  1. Jill Tayler says:

    Yes I agree. We arrived in Paris 2 days ago. Less people around the tourist areas, but have been met with friendship and appreciation ghat we did not change travel plans due to terrorism.

  2. Graham Thomson says:

    Thanks, Alex. Very interesting.


    Graham Thomson.

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