Again enjoying what briefly seemed impossible

Before booking, a few guests have asked us:

“What is the atmosphere like right now in Paris,
following the terror attacks of November?”

At first the question seemed odd to us, because the Paris atmosphere had rapidly returned to normal with Parisians going about their lives as before: either walking hurriedly or on the contrary taking the time to enjoy life in slow motion as viewed from a café terrasse. A reassuringly typical paradox of Paris life… 🙂

With more thought, we realized that this question was perfectly understandable. From afar, the last disturbing and lingering images of Paris were those broadcast by CNN and other news channels.

While for us, from within, those shocking images have been gradually replaced by the daily images of a vibrant back-to-normal Paris.

Seeing as we already have a cameraman who films all our apartments (we are the only Paris rental website showing videos of each rental), we thought: why not do a short video showing what Paris is really like, from the inside?

The resulting video, filmed in an unseasonably warm December, captures Paris’ charms quite well and shows Parisians enjoying what might have briefly seemed impossible after the November events :


Renting vacation apartments is all about realistically managing guests’ expectations. With this video of Paris filmed during these last couple of weeks, you will know exactly what to expect when visiting Paris in 2016.

We hope you enjoy our little video tour of “post-attack Paris” and look forward to hopefully hosting you in 2016!

Do let us know what you think of the video in the comments section below, as we always value your feedback.

Thank you.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Graham Thomson says:

    Thank you. Your video of Parisians going about their business made my day. Trés bon!!.

    Kind regards.

    Graham Thomson


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