UpDELI – Gourmet breakfasts delivered to your door

UpDELI specialises in delivering gourmet breakfasts to your front door which can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home in Paris.

Perhaps you have a flight that arrives into Paris very early in the morning and you would like a traditional French breakfast on the table waiting for you? If so then UpDELI is the choice for you. 

UpDELI sources its high-end products from only the best producers in Paris, which is why their breakfasts can be described as gourmet. With three different menus to choose from, there is something for everybody:

brochure UpDELI 2016 09 16.jpg

How to order:

  • Call +33 1 45 75 50 50
    (before 5pm for next day delivery)
  • Order online via the website.
    (UpDELI are currently working on an English version of their website. If you have trouble navigating the French website, please don’t hesitate to give UpDELI a call, all their associates speak English).
  • Choose your breakfast and indicate the address, day and time of delivery, then UpDELI will deliver straight to your door!

Bon Appetit!


P.S Don’t forget to send us pictures of your delicious UpDELI gourmet breakfasts to make us jealous at the office!





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